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At 7:03am on April 20, 2010, Brent N. Hunter said…
Good morning Christa! I wanted to leave an inspiring message for you to start your day:

Salutation to the Dawn

Look to this day!
For it is life, the very life of life.

In its brief course
Lie all the verities and realities of your existence:
The bliss of growth
The glory of action
The splendor of beauty
For yesterday is but a dream
And tomorrow only a vision
But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore to this day!

Such is the salutation to the dawn.

- Kalidasa, Indian Poet
At 10:15am on October 5, 2009, Judianne said…
Interesting backgroud Christa, seems like a natural progression.,
At 9:15am on September 15, 2009, drmike said…
Your are welcome, Christa. Blessings to you.

At 10:41am on August 26, 2009, Jane McCormick said…
Ok lets meet up here in Mn Were are you I am in Whie Bear Lake
Best to you thanks Jane
At 12:50am on August 26, 2009, Jane McCormick said…
I was Frank Sinatras Whoman he came to towm at ;east 3 times a year for 13 years. We had fun back stage I heatted his tea and he was always askin me to rub his back and then you will have to read my book Breaking My Silence. I the lady that survivor ed a life of prostitution back in the day. My movie is going to be made in DEC
At 12:36am on August 26, 2009, Jane McCormick said…
Hi Christa
I am in the first stage of making a new play about The Abuse of Prostitutes and survivors to meet together and talk about the old days. And I will be asking all sorts of quotation's I think I need to find that right group to interact with me. And let the audions ask the hard questions, But I need to start a blog weir is it I go do this? Best JAne
At 7:26pm on August 24, 2009, Jeanne said…
Hello Christa, Welcome and thank-you for joining Crone to the Bone. I am glad to read that you have an integrated perspective of healthcare... one that recognizes humans as a system that includes mind, body and spirit. I look forward to the day when dentists in the US practice whole body dentistry in hospitals with MD's, naturopaths and acupuncturists. Metta, Jeanne
At 12:35pm on May 20, 2009, Richard Lukens said…
Hi Chrsta... nice to have you on the architects site... welcome... I hope you share some info about yourself... looks like you have a few friends here already...


At 9:27am on May 19, 2009, The Ancient One said…
At the foot of the Bodhi tree,
beautifully seated, peaceful, and smiling,
the living source of understanding and compassion,
to the Buddha I go for refuge.

The path of mindful living,
leading to healing, joy, and enlightenment,
the way of peace,
to the Dharma I go for refuge.

The loving and supportive community of practice,
realizing harmony, awareness, and liberation,
to the Sangha I go for refuge.

I am aware that the Three Gems are within my heart.
I vow to realize them.
I vow to practice mindful breathing and smiling,
looking deeply into things.
I vow to understand living beings and their suffering,
to cultivate compassion and loving kindness,
and to practice joy and equanimity.

I vow to offer joy to one person in the morning
and to help relieve the grief of one person in the afternoon.
I vow to live simply and sanely,
content with just a few possessions,
and to keep my body healthy.
I vow to let go of all worry and anxiety in order to be light and free.

I am aware that I owe so much to may parents, teachers, friends, and all beings.
I vow to be worthy of their trust,
to practice wholeheartedly,
so that understanding and compassion will flower,
and I can help living beings
be free from their suffering.

May the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha support my efforts.

- by Thich Nhat Hanh


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