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At 2:26am on September 24, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…
This link does not go to the direction anymore as it did before, maybe they've changed it on their page.? But I did not have the right player to get it to play before and I did not want to download the player, so I'm sorry, but I can't really give the feedback about it. But I do trust that it must be great as you have suggested it. Blessings, -Silja
At 4:52pm on September 21, 2009, Marie-Dominique De Lyon-Thierry said…
Thank you for your sweet words of is really great to meet you here.
I am now having a challenge with the electricity going off for the day...they're working on the lines...and I forgot the warning... at least this laptop has a battery, albeit for a limited time! Oh well...time to get back to work!!! :))

Have yourself a terrific week!

Many blessings to you and your family,
Marie-Dominique :)
At 12:54pm on September 21, 2009, Chris Anderson/Onefeather said…
Thanks for the positive feedback, Ron. Life is a Joy, isn't it?
At 12:52pm on September 21, 2009, Chris Anderson/Onefeather said…
Onward and up-up-up ward :-)

At 7:59am on September 15, 2009, Marian said…
Thank you for your kind words, Ron: I really liked your input, too - thank you for hanging in there - I was also transported by your lovely 'wooden ships' pic & msg about ole sailors being a little dinghy - a while ago & it made me smile
after all, we oldies have to stick together because we're the only ones that can look at each other & not think we're oldAral Sea Pictures, Images and Photos
At 12:56pm on September 13, 2009, Farida Sharan said…
There is only love - YES - let it flow through and radiate to the world around you and become blessed by the love at the same time.
At 11:21am on September 11, 2009, Marinspin said…
I like your haiku about the bay.
At 2:22pm on September 10, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…
Thank you and blessings for you, the soul brother! Continue your great work.
At 1:33pm on September 8, 2009, Teresa Ann Foxworthy said…
you are a beautiful soul...thanks for being my friend!
At 5:28am on September 8, 2009, NAE said…
Thank you my friend!
At 10:56pm on September 7, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, it is so much needed.
At 12:51pm on September 7, 2009, Diane V. Cirincione, Ph.D. said…
Hi Ron
So glad to see you again.....especially here on AOAND. Jerry and I are really well and happy. Keep an eye on due to come online early October...many of your old friends. We are connecting around the world.....many countries.
Much love,
At 9:15pm on August 24, 2009, bev bryant said…
Speaking of honored, Ron to have you say you would now put up your brothers pictures is immense! The origonal Woodstock in "69 was a peaceful protest against a war we still do not fully understand. War to me is just a waste of life although we had to fight for the frredoms we enjoy today and hopefully this is the real reason we are in the middle-east today. My nephews are going back and right away. We can only pray or this to be over sometime soon. The sooner the better! One Love through One Spirit, bev
At 10:43am on August 22, 2009, Dr. Sohiniben Shukla said…
Dear Ron Alexandre,
You are my Divine and Spiritual Friend in the Divine Plan of God.
Like minded people when united to gether for the same cause then They can do miracles.

At 6:48pm on August 21, 2009, Erin Michelle said…
lots of teachers in my family but no Booba's. i hope i'm never too old to learn. i love finding out about people and what makes them unique at the same time we learn how alike we all are.
love, erin
At 6:10pm on August 21, 2009, Erin Michelle said…
i thought your post was tooo funny! but, my brother's a lovable bubba and i've spent long afternoons on the lake with him. tacking to try and find the wind...your Bubba looks suspiciously like my great grandmother! but mostly i was reminded of my favorite saying. i read it off the back of the cap on a cowboy standing in line at a fast food joint on the Kansas Turnpike.
"been there. done that. bow legged." :)
At 8:48am on August 21, 2009, Louis Magda said…
There are a little over 20,000 Chanti's living in Siberia today. They fish, hunt, and keep reindeer. Keeping reindeer means the Chanti's don't live in a permanent place, but move about between different settlements, in an area about the size of Europe. In winter they live in the central forests to hunt game. When I was in Hungary I met Erzsi Winter who was the photographer on an expedition with Dr. Agnes Kerezsi, the author of Sziberiai Rokoniaink, which translates to "Our Siberian Relatives'. They are still shamanistic, living in such demanding environs, they depend on each other for survival, and the faith of their gods and spirits that support them and guide their lives.The shamans are chosen by the spirits to know the wishes of the "celestial powers" and are a link between heaven and earth for the peoples pleas and prayers. Kerezsi and Winter were among the eastern Chanti's, and were able to take part in a number of reindeer sacrificial offerings.
At 11:33am on August 20, 2009, Louis Magda said…
Hi, Ron. I don't mean to be misleading, I'm Hungarian. Though I carve totems and have made the jewelry I'm wearing. But my ancestors (the Huns) and relatives came from and still live Siberia (Chanti tribe), across from Alaska, and were a shamanistic people, many probably still are. They were more than likely the same people who came across the land bridge tens of thousands of years ago.
At 12:27pm on August 11, 2009, Amara Rose said…
Hi Ron ~

Wow, that's an impressive list of credentials! I never lived in Marin; SF from '81 - '94; NY State and NM for 3.5 year spiritual odyssey, then Sonoma County (Sebastopol and environs) since 1997. It's likely a heart resonance ~ those of us in alignment recognize one another's energy.

How long have you been in South Carolina, and what prompted the move?

At 10:39am on August 11, 2009, Cindy said…
Thankyou Ron that would be very kind.x..
Whats the web address?


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