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a wonderful musical day with Carlos Santana

The wonderful life of Carlos Santana in his music, a selection of music i own, without any commercial or other purpose than just touching your soul. The qual...

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Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on March 6, 2017 at 3:15am

Dear friends here on you can't see i removed the video cause it was blocked in many countries....after few hours SINCE copyright warning i deleted the video (I OWNED A COPY OF EVERY AND EACH CONCERT FROM WHICH MADE THE DOCUMENTARY)

i learnt the lesson to cherish the most kind and intimate things FOR MYSELF WITHOUT gave advice IN PRIVATE to the site keeper i would have liked to know what to do but remaining in doubt i just removed it....HOPE YOU MAY FIND BEST CARLOS OR AT LEAST "YOUR BEST CARLOS" AND HOPE YOU'LL BE ABLE TO MAKE UP ALSO YOUR PERSONAL COLLECTION OF HIS BEST MOMENTS....i wish to Carlos himself to be able to live up and mantain such an high standard in his live performances forever and for the rest of his life....PEACE AND HAPPINESS FOR ALL. 


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