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Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 230 with Zoran Hochstatter

During the first part of his life, Zoran was a successful cinematographer and photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. After co-producing, co-directing and photographing the healing documentary, Think About It, Zoran started practicing the Zdenko Domancic method of Bioenergy Therapy.

This incredibly successful modality of energy medicine and personal transformation was created over 30 years ago by Zdenko Domancic, the pre-eminent bioenergy healer in Europe. Hidden from the attention of the western media for decades, his method, being practiced at the impressive Domancic Bioenergy clinic in Slovenia, (the largest clinic of its kind in the world) is a phenomenon of documented and indisputable healing successes that has helped over a million people.

Zoran has been entrusted personally, by Zdenko, to introduce this method to the US and today trained Domancic therapists are now helping clients, friends and family members across the country.

Dividing his time between Europe and the USA, Zoran teaches and practices the Domancic method of Bioenergy Therapy and is committed to spreading the practice in its purest form.

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