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Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 229 with Mary Saint-Marie

Mary is a mystic artist/writer, spiritual educator, visionary, and a joyous and loving collaborator in the Bridging International Healing Art Project. Mary's art, sculpture, cards, books and Soul Sessions work may be seen on her website: 'Unification of Global Earth Care': EarthCare Global TV is about the unification of the care of the earth that brings consciousness of the interconnectedness and interrelatedness of all the kingdoms and the elements of earth and the sky. With that comes the realization of the Oneness that we all already are. Following is a shortened version of the vision that came. A collective Vision came to Mary for two nights in 1996 about "the people's network television revealing the power and the abundance returning to the people of the world". The illumined Vision continued over a longer period in l997. It was about the creation of EarthCare Global TV for the unification of the care of the earth. Its purpose is to provide free education to inspire the people of the world in the care of the earth and all of her inhabitants. Its purpose is to share the understanding of the inviolate universal Law of Balance in all of nature that the principle may be realized in daily sustainable life by all. The Law of Balance is the Law of Nature and that is the Law of Love in action. EarthCare Global TV is being created as a global educational television station providing 24 hours a day free programs and news on earth care. EarthCare Global TV is being created as a planetary destination oasis with green model building and permaculture grounds and gardens and orchards of great beauty. EarthCare Global TV is being created to reveal the principles on which a new culture may be formed. A new civilization is emerging even now. 'Action Borne of Vision' rather than reaction borne of fear and anger will be lived. 'Giving Love a body begets Our New Culture' Currently EarthCare Global TV is receiving donations, funding and sponsorship. You are invited to go on line to the website to read more and/or to contact us. EarthCare Global's website is:

Bridging's Art Project Virtual Gallery website is:
Bridging's website is:

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