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Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 227 with Apollo

How Apollo Describes His Journey:

"I am Apollo. I am an Environmental Artist. I only go by the one name. This is way I received it. I was in an automobile accident in 1973. I was driving a VW bus and the brakes went out. I tried to avoid hitting the truck in front of me. Instead I hit the curb and was hurled into a tree going about 60 mph. I saw everything in slow motion and was watching as if I were outside my body. I felt that I was going through the death experience, but there was no fear and no pain. I saw myself go through the windshield and land head first in the street. At this time, I acknowledged my own death. I felt free and was immediately pulled away into a vortex of rainbow colored energy. The best way I can describe it is to compare it with the way a worm hole in space has been depicted in the Star Trek series. I found myself breaking through this incredibly intense blue white light and all of a sudden I was walking through the most beautiful valley with a being that looked like how Christ is generally described.

He was dressed all in white and had white hair and beard and electric blue eyes. The shear beauty of this place was overwhelming. Everything seemed to glow with its own luminescence. Indeed it was heavenly. As we walked, I had many questions about life, death, religion, wars, suffering and a multitude of other things. We communicated telepathically without the use of words. As soon as I had a question, it was answered. I was told that I could stay and work from that side of reality to help humanity or I could go back to my life on earth and make an even bigger difference.

I was told that I would become an artist and that I would use the name Apollo. I was told that one day my work would be all around the planet and that I would be able to use it as a soap box to speak out on both social and environmental issues. I was also told that I would not receive any special treatment and would have to go through everything everybody else does. Just as I had acknowledged my own death, I agreed to come back and do my art. At that moment, I was pulled back into my body. Everything I was told has come to pass. The work is all around the world and I have had the privilege to work with some outstanding environmental groups as well as helping to raise money for several charities. I feel truly blessed."

Apollo is a joyous and loving collaborator in the Bridging International Healing Art Project and is one of the world's leading environmental artists. He started painting dolphins and whales when he first moved to Maui in 1980. Apollo is best known for his Marine Life, Endangered Species, Endangered Habitat and Tropical Art. He combines the style of realism with a touch of animation. He captures the essence of spirit in his subjects and reveals their beauty on canvas.

A fixture in the Maui art scene since 1980, Apollo gained a deep appreciation and understanding of the marine environment through constant interaction with the ocean and its creatures. While not engaged in his first loves of snorkeling, free diving, and of course, painting, Apollo could be found hiking the rain forests throughout the islands.

Apollo's current creative ventures include the writing and illustrating of children's books where he hopes to bring an environmental and social message to children of all ages.

Apollo is always creating and using his artistic talents to capture the world's beauty in all its forms. His objective is to stimulate our awareness of the natural world around us and to help all creatures and environments in need of assistance.

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Comment by Jesse Becerra Jr on March 2, 2009 at 3:52am
Amazing and inspiring story.


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