Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

A new waking energy is emerging on earth....and pouring out of our hearts and mouths, it feels strong and real........and so begins My Global Sound Healing Link-up tour September 2011, this was recorded one day at Globe June 2011 in just 5 minutes and I then added my favorite slides from the best artists and experiences to match the music.

This beautiful Song was an inspiration to create this youtube of music, words and slides.....the song is from Twilight...The pink globe and stream of light is from Lynn Augstein's Cobalt Sun Studio from one of her Wonderful productions,
City of light over earth poster by Daniel Holman. Thank you Clare Hedin holding the heart at the Chalice, Lisa Young in France in the Cave, Dennis Owen (creator glass heart for Nexus), Body and Radiating circular light Artwork by Rowena Kryder, slide 10 by Amorea Dreamseed, Katie Cercone artwork and observatory pose, Mark in the dome, Magdalene-Sara poster by Cheryl Rose, tetrahedron by Universal Song, James Jereb Milky way painting,

I gratefully acknowledge The beautiful music and artwork from public and private sources and wish to say this video was created solely for heart opening.... Not commercial purposes.

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