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Join Caroline Cory as she provides unique insights on the significance and importance of the current global events. This series on 'Earth Shift, Global Event...

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Comment by Andrew McDowell on January 14, 2012 at 2:12pm

You are talking about a new earth grid, a new paradigm.This world is passing away and being shook, so that what can't be shook will remain.The things happening around the world are birth pangs of this earth.Getting ready for a new earth and birth of a new world.The new earth cannot come to pass until the old world is destroyed.The earth will be burned up in the elements.The corruption of this present time will be removed and will reveal the sons of glory.I would rather talk about good things happening and what's positive, but there will be great calamity in the earth.We are escalating, and things are speeding up into a crishindow of good triuhmphing over evil, that's where we are getting a higher level of concisousness and higher frequency in God's shift of human exsistence, creating a higher level of awareness, God is trying to wake ppl up out of their sleep being dorment, that they may live and have the oppertunity to recieve eternal salvation and be spared of the wrath of God, and what will take place In this last time.The good news is that the new earth will be like paridise and a heavenly exsitence. The proficy is being revealed of the govnts.and nations rising up against nations and wars in verious places.These things must take place and it will not be nice or easy to deal with.I believe in love, divinity, peace, goodness, enlightenment.All of these things are from God.And will only be manifested through him.But, there is no reason to be in fear of these things, if you have Christ living in you and understand his divine plan of redemption and the preperation of his people to endure these calamities taking place.I'm refrencing these things from a Christian point of view and the Holy scriptures.If you will take some time, and keep an open mind and search the scriptures.Here are some scriptures of what will take place in the near future from the bible.(Mathew 24:4-26) (2 Peter 3:10-13) ( Revelations 21:1-5)I hate to be the barrer of gloom and doom, yes these are exsiting times and wonder what God will do next,as a mighty move of God's hand in his creation.The bottom line is this is a fallen world and has been since adam and eve which brought corruption to the human race, but Christ will return and will perserve his ppl from the tribulation.He is comming very soon, it will be a terrible day for those who don't have Christ.But it will be a great day for the saints of God receiving an inheritence of the kindom of God.Until then, we must apply love, peace, faithfulness, goodness, comppasion, and humility, towards our fellow human family.This world as he would have it, not as i would have it, knowing he will make all things right if I surender to his will.Thank you for letting me share with you my knowlege concern of future events.I share with you the restoration and healing of humans in this earth.We are getting ready to receive an eternal weight of glory beond all measure.Love, light, and peace to you.


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