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Erica Boersma & Dwaine Hartman on Spiritual But Not Religious TV

George Lewis with guests - Erica Boersma & Dwaine Hartman
On Tuesday, January 19, 2010 @ 7:00pm MT/9:00pm ET

Book Description:
Value Your Vibration is a book based in Emotional Alchemy. Twin Flames, Erica Boersma and Dwaine Hartman describe in simple terms what you can do to energize and empower the grandest evolutionary leap humanity has ever taken. This book will remind you of what you came into this life to do, it will create a space for remembering your essential truths, and it will gift you with the keys to unlock the utopia within leading to the freedom of your spirit.

Value your Vibration is a journey into self-discovery and self-mastery. This book provides a pathway through self-love and acceptance which unlock the doors to each dimension. Through universal knowledge, illuminating awareness, practical exercises, and meaningful meditations, a simple transformational experience is created that will transcend you to your true nature, "Source Energy". As you connect to Source Energy, a clarion call is sounded for the return of your true essence, which resonates to you from the Fifth Dimension and beyond and manifests as an elevated vibratory shift.

By simply embracing the concepts written about within the pages of Value Your Vibration, you have the opportunity to consciously create, maintain, and increase emotional vibrations that will transform your life into greater peace, deeper love for self and humanity. You will experience falling in love again with life and you will be witness to the magic and miracles found in the NOW moment. Value Your Vibration provides a simple grounded approach to flowing through ascension that initially will aid you personally in mastering the concepts, and then will aid humanity, as you become a living testament of your obvious transformation. You will step into being a Teacher of the Light, sharing and spreading enlightenment to all of Humanity.

Everyone is invited to come and participate in this journey and be changed for life.

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