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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Human Harmonics ~ Light Being Activation
As Light workers we know OUR personal vibration affects all those around us always, so lets radiate our light in a meaningful and loving way. The time is now to shine brightly from within. As we naturally start to release the things that hold us back... it is time to be our highest purpose and be of service to the collective. We are at a crossroads between the material and spiritual worlds. The shift in vibration is upon us and is the fulfillment of our desire for transformation,.. it is what we asked for . It is the ending of one aspect of our spiritual journey and the beginning of another.

As a collective we are experiencing a multi levelled release of the dualistic nature. When we feel fear this is a dualistic energy, which darkens our reality. It is simply what we created so we could experience something other than light, but in the past we forgot our truth, and fear took over our life. As light workers we know Fear cannot exist in the same mind where love resides. Every time we stop, drop, and shift into love instead of fear we are returning to our original true nature where our eternal freedom resides.

The structures of our lives as well as the beliefs they represent are being changed from the inside out and are opening us to new insights and possibilities. Reality, as we know it, is breaking up with the new energies present on the planet. The old foundations are crumbling and many feel helpless... but we are creating new foundations in community spirit for humanity, opening new opportunity to fully establish the Light upon Earth. Lets be the change we came here to be and shine our light on all that we see including our own fearful dualistic thoughts. Your power is in this now moment.

Music By James Newhouse (Zake): Main Site: Our Community Site: Join us every Wednesday at 1PM MT, 3PM ET, Twin Flames Erica and Dwaine Radio Show: Please click on the link and show your support Love and Light, Erica and Dwaine

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