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Michael Jackson singing his hit song Ben around age 13. This was from the Sonny & Cher comedy hour.

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Comment by Jeanne on July 6, 2009 at 10:36am
Yes, Dr. Mike, North Fork could have made all the difference. Exploring the inner universe strengthens our life force and connections to other natural energies. I believe, for many, drugs are a substitute for the advanced states our soul seeks. Our consciousness thirsts for alternate states of reality... or heightened states of reality. Pain and pleasure... both are suffering, both are illusions... in the middle, aware, equanimous and detached, is observation without judgement... a flow of knowing without reacting. It is a gift to those who know the dhamma and the potential it offers.

The tragedy of Michael was his shining star. The aloneness of being so uniquely magnificent... he's haunting to watch on stage and tragic - off stage. Combine that with a driven perfectionism and deep seated self loathing... he seemed to embody, simultaneously, what others crave and have aversion to. MJ's dramatic complexities almost portray a Monet-like martyred Michael... a sensitive - slain... his insecurities exploited, his back uncovered... loved by billions.
Comment by drmike on June 29, 2009 at 11:07pm
Hey Jeanne,

Thanks for these cool posts. THIS is the Michael Jackson that I and many grew up on. On Fridays I would get into competitions with my cousin regarding who could dance and sing the best Jackson 5 rendition. Those where happy times, and this music is touching. There is a purity of expression which already gets to mastery, which is God given talent. If only, we all could find the bliss. The pain of life seemed to be unbearable, so thus we have another tragic Hollywood end. To bad we could not talk Mike into coming out to North Folk with us.



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