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Raise Your Vibration by Connecting To Source Meditation

This unique "Connection To Source" allows you to spontaneously raise your vibration, merge with your Higher Consciousness and align your mind channels properly in order to receive higher guidance. This process is also the base of awakening to who you really are, a universal being in human form

The OMnium Method, developed by Caroline Cory, is a revolutionary healing technique that allows the spontaneous alignment of the physical cells and the human energy field with the Universal-Source Frequency (beyond planetary and galactic) and provides an instant and permanent cellular reprogramming. This method essentially recalibrates your entire physical being to the Universal (Source) Frequency and allows you to return organically to your original vibrational blueprint that is healthy, whole, connected and properly aligned.

The OMnium Method utilizes a powerful and precise meditation technique called Connecting to Source© that transfers Universal-Source Frequency organically into your being. This short and effective meditation is then followed by deep cellular reprogramming, which is accomplished through a combination of Energy-Transfer, Light, Sound and Divine Geometry, Grid and Universal Calibration, Zero Point, Gravity Pull, Time Suspension among other means. On average, the results range from a deep sense of peace, balance and the suspension of pain to total blissful expansion with the permanent removal of traumas, phobias, addictions and other imbalances or illnesses.

Caroline conducts monthly Healing Circles, Healing Sessions and Webcasts on the Internet. To participate, consult our calendar by visiting: and click on 'Calendar'.

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