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Remember Your Essence - Manly P. Hall

Remember Your Essence
Is a concise .. yet broad example of the works of Manly P. Hall
Mr. Hall to i was fortunate in my early 30s to be included
in one of his many study groups...where we would receive (weekly)a cassette tape recorded lesson from Mr. Hall (then in his early 80s)
Before my 20s i had joined the A.R.E. delved into
Edgar Cayce for years...with spatterings of others...
But...Mr. Hall...caught my attention !
i read his lengthy book "Secret Teachings of All Ages" twice, became a member of his Philosophical Research Society and..fed..of his depth & a thirsty person in the desert.
i am going to be posting more of Manly P. Halls' videos...
because i believe..they are timely for Our Age..
Most of those available are rather lengthy..
But..i believe..if..You take the time to ~Listen~
And..Apply it to Your Own Journey..
On Your Golden (yellow brick road:)
That ~Leads Back Home~
~Remember Your Essence~
In Lak'ech Ala K'in

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