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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Russia, Black sea: visiting Gelendzhik!

Come and see sacred places of Vedic Russia, astounding dolmens and megaliths, visit art and folklore festivals and fascinating Shetinin's school (Kin's school.

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Comment by Robert C Hay on August 18, 2015 at 7:19am
Though have been to 44 countries, I was a diplomats son, forbidden to go to USSR. Now am just a poor painter/poet w/o hope of leaving NM. Also I don't drink or smoke anymore. My future lies in completing several more books.
Why did you select me as a friend?Did you speak to Pavel Svododa in Usti Nad Laden? (Newspaper Editor) or his son, who visited us in Denmark? I haven't a clue! After reading this I wouldn't blame you if you just said nastarovia and
withdrew the friendship designation. I won't hold it against you. As an Aquarius I still have an affinity for Russia (born under the same sign).
After seeing "The Battle For Leningrad" in April I have a deep sympathy for
the people whose lives were ruined by the Nazis. Now in the US we have a new form of Nazis who call themselves Ultra Conservatives on the Right.
They are now in a good position to totally destroy my country as well.
At least Germany has them pretty much under control there! I lived there from 1954-58, 1964-68 and 1972-74, as well a visiting in 1976,87,93,98,2000,& 2003. I speak & write fluent German & Danish. ( I was married to a Danish beauty). Are you hitched? If you wish to visit my youtube site, I have 5 videos of my work + music of a local band, RAMPANT EGOS. My email address is Robert Hay


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