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Save Haloa the Kalo from genetic engineering

Biotech's mana mahele of taro (stealing of lifeforce) is a corporate attempt to control the planting material farmers use to grow taro. UH has altered the genetic make up of taro by inserting gene sequences from unrelated plant species. Taro is considered a sacred plant, and Haloa the taro is considered the first Hawaiian, and elder brother of all kanaka maoli (indigenous Hawaiian people). Citzens in our state have been introducing legislation for 3 years, only to have Monsanto insert pre-emptive language into our bill and alter the true intent. The Hawaiian Islands are the number one place in the world for chemical/biotech corps like Monsanto/DuPont/Dow/ Syngenta to conduct open air field tests of these interspecies and pesticide producing food crops (corn, soy, sunflower, cotton, wheat, papaya) with little to no oversight of the health and environmental degradation. Taro is a hypoallergenic food which is very important for those with food allergies. To insert genes from rice, wheat and grapevine, as well as viral promoters and antibiotic resistance, changes the DNA of this sacred food crop, and contaminates farmers who wish to grow traditional varieties. Featured in this clip is Mr. Walter Ritte from Molokai, a longtime freedom fighter and respected leader. Monsanto refers to our islands as a "sacrificial zone" due to our isolation.

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