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Song of the Sun with the Heartbeat of the Earth
Relax into a unique "Theta Brain-Wave State" that's not only carried on the unique sound of sunshine, but also rhythmically pulsates with the sound of the Earth~
The "Heartbeat of the Earth" (Schumann Resonance) is the frequency that we, as a species, evolved to. Beating at 7.83hz (times per second) it hovers on the border between our alpha and theta brain wave states. And that folks is a very peaceful, healing and creative space to be in.

With your brain entrained and synchronised to the Heartbeat of the Earth alone, a very powerful (and often life-changing) sense of connection to the Universe can be found and deeply experienced. But how much more so might that be when the carrier wave of that planetary "heartbeat" and possibly the most exquisite of body/brain states, is the powerful deep sound of sunshine - the "Song of the Sun" itself?
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Comment by Jiva Carter on January 6, 2012 at 2:07am

Thanyou for this Healing experience - I am also working with Hans's Law of the Octaves - I have a dvd out called The Template and the Sound of Time you can read a review at this is music composed using a Fibonacci Scale based on the 172.06 galactic Frequincy.

Thanks Jiva


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