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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The music used in the video:
Jan Garbarek and Ustad Fateh Ali Khan
The body, the soul and the spirit can be felt as one and the same too, :-)O(-:
That's possible & feels great,
all that we DO represents it.
(But what about the motorcycles? More fun, than the car, indeed. I'm not denying what there are)
Just one possibility to treat the other people: when seeing someone it can be touched the what the soul desire of the other person is in the particular moment in time. The choice of the future that another person has already inside, but not yet materialized yet. Then to feel as if the every person that's living now, has been living and will ever live in the way that's connected to our all soul's desire in the eternal development to become more there are in a collective harmony. Then imagine this to be in harmony with the choice made by another person's soul desire and this to go on eternally... And one thing more, there's no difference between me and the others, so that's the way to treat ourselves. To understanding we must think of ourselves this way, to feeling it more we should treat everybody this way. The way to grow love we should give the love, as the creative power is literally without the any ending. The same thing can be used with no matter small or big substance, well there are another Galaxy's too, not just the Milky Way. But not just the quantity, the quality too. It all exist because we choose it to be, to go on we need the way that leads us to co-creation and the greater harmony.
*One strange thing, I've been wondering. Why the so many people treat their physical bodies as the jail, or someone to fight with all the time, instead of the friend, no matter to say as a temple or as the representation of the whole the universe and all there is in material form. What about the DNA to give to the children... We're just forgotten to use the body in the way it was meant to be. We've been fooling (considered all humans) ourselves with the lies for too long period of time, (considered where and why the time exists) but we still need the returning. It's a pain how much foolishness there is, but it's the greatest joy to see how many are willing to stand for the creating the better ways for our future.
Love*Creates*Harmony=Creates Love~~*
All there are=Our true body, soul and the spirit or whatever way YOU CHOOSE to call it. I*M the Creator=We're The CREATOR to grow more eternally=eternity to grow?
Whatever we choose is our choice.
Whatever we do is our responsibility.
The Earth is literally alive and feels everything, so are the stars the planets... The Sun is reflecting our love.
*I feel blessed, loved and grateful, I love to be the where I've chosen to be*
Love for the all, love for You. You can be bigger as you grow the All to become more. I LOVE*

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Comment by desmond green on June 28, 2009 at 12:04pm
Thank you Silja for this grand and awesome essence of yourself. It is so full of love and life that it vibrates on and on. Eye love all of who you are and how you share yourself.
Thanks again as we accept who we are completely and the rest of life unconditionally.Lots of love and joy one conscious deep breath at a time.
My new e-mail address is "
Comment by Aino Kivimaa on January 31, 2009 at 11:27pm
It makes sense. We do whatever we choose to do when having noticed the who we are. We don't need the "doing things" to "become" the who we are & for not to be misunderstood here - we already are now and we choose what we do to represent it. And that gives the strong feeling, so practically we "don't have to do anything", but our choice is to represent our true nature and that's why we do whatever we do. Thanks for the video.


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