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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The Phi Quantum Accelerator

Get Ready !!!

For a temporal teleportation into Galactic Activation
Instantaneou Quantum Sigularities are known side effects of GaZING into the
PQA (((((( Phi Quantum Accelerator ))))))

Coming Soon to a Universe near you

Galactic Memes are Us
New memes for a pMemetic Society

Forget the Viral! Go Spiral !!!


Golden Ratio OM in King's chamber of Great Pyramid - recorded by Patrick Flanagan. This video produces
the perfect 7.8 HTZ that we need to stay in balance and meditate deeply.
We are using this video for a 10 minute GLOBAL IMAGE on 12/21/2009 at 10 PM EST.
We are holding the image that our Government will disclose
the truth about UFO's to us. HOLD THIS IMAGE and it will happen.
Anne-Marie Cook
Dec 21 2010

Created by Arcane of

Fractal coherence is the key to multidimensional connections and perfect harmony. The King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid is fractal multidimensional portal if you know how to open it. Take a recording of people chanting OM in the pyramid (from Alex Theory), mix it with a Golden Ratio Chord resonant to the Great Pyramid (from G. Patrick Flanagan - author of Pyramid Power). Add fractal video using geometries developed for Flanagan by Arcane. Relax, listen with a good sound system and take a journey to other dimensions.
Gillis Patrick Flanagan

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