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The beautiful music of Anima inspired me to make a vid about the Sixth Sun phenomenon. There have been a number of Suns or Solar Ages in the history of our planet, that prophetic texts and indigenous traditions speak of in different ways. For the Aztecs and other civilisations of the Americas, these solar ages are recorded in their Sun Calendar. In this tradition, there have been four previous Suns: The Sun of Wind, The Sun of Jaguars, The Sun of Rain and the Sun of Water. We are presently living in the final stages of the Fifth Sun, the Sun of Movement, NAHUI OLLIN. We, our planet, and the entire Solar System are in the midst of a cosmic shift. On a cellular level, the intensity of the light and the vibrational frequencies will continue to increase to a transformational a new frequency of light, the light of the Sixth Sun. The Sixth Sun - XOCHITL TONATIUH - will be the Sun of Flowers. The 2012 end of time date is not a prophecy of gloom and doom, but a frequency thrust into a new dream. There will be no shift of the ages outside of ourselves. It is time for us to consciously dream and co-create a bright, new future.


I feel and see the footprints of my ancient walk in life
And I speak of them to the shadows of my mind
We have walked where earth meets sky
And have walked within all five suns that I
And my spiritual soul will walk once again as one
I am here by destiny once again, not only to witness
But to awaken myself to the long awaited Sixth Sun.
(Ramsey R. Muniz Tezcatlipoca)
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Special thanks to Cynthia Signet for the Sixth Sun guide.
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Comment by Silja Saareoks-Kaldre on March 1, 2010 at 11:05pm
Very relaxing and beautiful! Thank you so much!


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