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Shakti Meditation's Blog – March 2014 Archive (4)

Realizing the Peace of Nothingness in Meditation

"If you throw a rock

at something solid,

that solid thing will be damaged,

it will be hurt.

But if you throw a rock at air,

the air is not damaged nor hurt.

The air is unchanging.


if you realize your true nature

of nothingness,

that nothingness is unchanging.

The peace that is that nothingness



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From a Recent Satsang: Story of Buddha and the Nature of Shakti

This is from a recent Satsang/Meditation

which can be heard on this youtube video here

"I've heard a story about the Buddha

and that when the Buddha attained enlightenment

he was just silent.

He didn't say anything.

And the story that I…


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How to Witness Your Thoughts in Meditation

"How do you witness this moment?

By allowing it to be exactly as it is.

You do not get involved with it,

dramatize it, analyze it

or try and change it.

You just let your experience

be as it wants to be in this moment

and in that allowing,

naturally there is awareness.

Witness consciousness

reveals itself in that…


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Satsang Excerpt "Realizing Pure Consciousness"

This is an excerpt from a recent satsang.

You can hear it by playing this youtube video.

"You can get to that place where

there's just the purity of consciousness.

It's completely clean.

There is no 'you' allowed in it.

It's extraordinary peace.

You relax into consciousness,

you relax into the energy,

you relax into…


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