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Shakti Meditation's Blog – May 2015 Archive (3)

Feeling Your Way into Awareness in Meditation & Yoga

"Awareness cannot be known

by the intellectual part of the mind,

but the mind can and does

recognize awareness through feeling.

It may feel it as peace, as bliss, as love.

It may feel it as formless being,

energy, silence, the witness

or even as a sense of freedom.

And through feeling,,

the mind can recognize…


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How to Reach Silence & Stillness in Meditation

"Silence is not a cessation of thoughts.

Stillness is not a cessation of movement.

If you try and stop thinking,

that is an action of repression.

The thinking has not stopped

you are only holding it back.

It is an action on top of the action.

Silence and stillness

is at the root of allowing.

When you allow…


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Meditation Technique for Spiritual Awakening

"Turn your attention to consciousness.

Whatever arises,

allow it to arise

but keep your attention

resting in consciousness.

We pay far too much attention

to the noise of the mind

and not the consciousness

that is the essence of mind.

Consciousness is silent.

It is prior to noise.

By remaining in…


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