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Shakti Meditation's Blog – July 2015 Archive (3)

The Essential Spiritual Practice to Experience Deep Meditation

"In my experience,

the fundamental spiritual practice

is fully allowing this moment to be.

Not to control the thoughts,

but allow thinking to be.

Not to repress feelings/sensations

but allow all feelings/sensations to be.

Without obsessing over them,

owning them;

without dramatizing and without control.

It's a…


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Fall in Love with Peace: The Key to Spiritual Awakening

"When you fall in love with this peace,

you're home free.

When you're not in love with this peace,

then no matter what you attain,

what you experience,

it will not fully satisfy you.

When you fall in love with something/someone,

when it is genuine,

and not just based on needy attachment,

then it doesn't matter



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Realizing Silence

"There's a bushwalk near my house.

It's not very well kept;

it's quite rough and wild

and because of that hardly anyone walks it.

I can walk 5 or 10 minutes

down the path and

there are no sounds of people at all.

No cars, no noises from houses.

Just pure nature.

Although there is the rush of the wind,…


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