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Shakti Meditation's Blog – August 2015 Archive (2)

Meditation Technique: Take Refuge in The Feeling of Peace

"The mind is very manipulative.

Other's people's mind's are very manipulative.

Both are constantly trying to suck you

into a reality that is only made of thoughts.

Beyond the thought, where is that reality

that people are so personally invested in?

But to just try and remain a witness

to the thinking process is very…


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Nondual Awareness: Transcending Subject/Object Experience

"The intellectual mind

fixates on subject/object;

me and you;

fixates on defining me, naming me,

defining you, naming you,

with descriptions and judgments attached.

Therefore, you never meet me.

You never meet anybody.

You only meet your idea of the other person;

your definition, name, description

& judgment of the…


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