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Can Tantra or Sacred Sexuality be one of the keys to longevity?

Having long pondered the question: "Will you still need me, when I'm 64?" I must admit that I haven't pondered that question as much in the past as I have coming within 10 years of that milestone in my life.
Traditionally, we have had wars as a good way to keep the economy going and have sex with the sole purpose of having more offspring to contribute to these wars. However, even though we have had no shortage of wars in the last century and in the present century we began all new wars right from the start. More and more people, no matter how dense or uneducated they are, know wars are no longer fought by gentlemen and they have the potential at being so lethal, that they could wipe out all of humanity! All expect of course those lucky enough to have built themselves comfortable survival bunkers deep underground. Not good for those with claustrophobia of course, or those wanting a divorce.

But suppose sanity prevails and we were to take away the "defense" funding and blank checks for the military and gave ALL that money to the alternative energy people, you know, those that want to produce energy that does NOT produce toxic, cancer causing fumes. Yes, I know, I'm a dreamer, but dreamers write cool songs! I also dont have either a bunker or a yellow submarine so I have no other choice but to hope we will someday have elected officials that do not believe coal is clean.

Yet, since the invention of rechargeable batteries, I've had the hope of recharging my own. Not just because I want to live longer, but if we are going to save this planet from wars, we also have to save this planet from overpopulation! You must live longer to have the wisdom to do that! Don't leave all the mess we made for the kids to clean up for Gods sake! Yes, I also know there are those that deny there is any overpopulation. They obviously have not catered a large dinner party. But aside from that I firmly believe that tantra is much more pleasant and blissful than procreative Catholic type sex. This, combined with the savings on disposable diapers and lots of grey hairs, should be a very important topic of discussion. We can have this discussion, with just a little help from my friends.

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