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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Holiness and Religion: Please share amazing stories about holy people doing good work that can change the world.

I miss the holiness in modern 21st century religion. Any good news is worth mentioning.

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I appreciate that. I want you to know that I am not a depressed person. I read constantly, and I am constantly looking for answers to my questions. That's always one of my issues is that I ask too many questions. I am not a religious man, but I do believe in a "Cosmic Consious," if you will. So I do believe in the idea of there being something greater than the sum of our molecules. I believe this web page will be the multi-cultural place I've been looking for. Another great place is or Those places are an example of phenomenal, beautiful places on the net. Alex Gray is building a temple in New York State. I am not blogging here, I just believe that people would benefit from these places. He is our modern day DaVinci.
I had a chance to interview Rick Ray who did the documentary "10 Questions for the Dalai Lama" and was able to ask him what the Dalai Lama had to say that didn't make it into the documentary. It will surprise you when you here what he said in response to , "What do you think we can do about the conflict in the Middle East?" You can read the whole article on my website but briefly he said that all we can really do is have a picnic or a party and have them all come but don't let them talk. It turns out that when you get 2 or 3 opposing belief systems together that think they are special and the only true belief that there's not much you can do until they let go of their beliefs.
The entire interview is here:
Take care, Rahasya Poe
Thanks, that is a great resource!
~*~ I highly suggest checking out ( & the ) She is a 'VERY Real Deal' Indian Saint / Avatar = Ammachi / Amma who travels the World on tour w/ her devotees all year seeing millions of people a year to give each & every person who comes to see her an extremely healing Embrace & blessing ... called giving "Darshan"
there is never a charge for the FREE public Darshans ... ( usually 2x's a day with a shorter morning program about 9am - 4pm & an extremely long late nite &/or ALL nite program )
Any donations, $ for retreats, $ from the diverse all natural food court, or purchases from the fabulous Amma Gift Shop area @ the events or online are used for Disaster Relief, Free Medical Care, Food, Clothing, & Shelter for the needy, Schools, Orphanages, etc. !!!!

It is a very well organized unconditionally loving & peaceful spiritual event!
All ages , lifestyles, & religious orientations are always welcome to attend!

My girls & /or I have seen her almost every Summer since 1996! It is truely a life changing & bliss-filled experience to sit & watch her give personal blessings to others while awaiting your own turn enveloped in such an extremely high vibrational & Divine Love filled environment embellished with pleasant peaceful old soul attendees ... beautiful devotional music filling the air ... your mind,body, & soul!!!!
~~~~ It's a WOW! ~~~~

I have many stories of serendipitous & magical experiences of seeing her to share, some I have already expressed in my comments to my AOAND friends about my Summer plans to see her in NYC & Wash. D.C.

I'm currently packing my daughter Shanti Lila Mirabai Ice-Chiappetta to join her Dad in Seattle, Wa. on THIS Saturday night to see her for x4 days May 28th - 31st as Ammachi kicks off her North American Summer Tour of 2009!
So, I will have to expound more about my/our experiences with Amma & other Holy experiences I've been blessed with over several decades of being on an Ecclectic Spiritual Path.

~*~ Pease, Love, & Light, Susan Ann Ice / AKA: Guru Kaur Khalsa ~*~
There is a great opportunity to connect with a wonderful Rabbi in NY on December 6th, 2009. He is very talented and has great spiritual ability. Check out the Event details
I found a few good resources this week. Youtube Videos by Jeffrey Armstrong.

Jeffrey Armstrong has compiled the sacred teachings of India and the East into tools for relationship skills, spiritual knowledge, and healing designed to expand consciousness and accelerate spiritual journeys. His video are truly wonderful.

In addition, I located some free web Audio tracks posted by the Theosophical Society in America on several of their topics.

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