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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

How many here feel that life is full of miracles? Cuantos aqui creen que la vida esta llena de milagros?

I feel very blessed that I am alive because of miracles.
Me siento totalmente bendecido porque estoy vivo debido a milagros.
It also seems that every time one of my wishes is granted I will always want more.
Tambien tal parece que cada ves que se me cumple un deseo, surgen mas deseos.
But my three main wishes will always be there...
Pero mis tres mas grandes deseos siempre estaran por cumplirse...

I wish for all people to evolve their religion and see we all have the same Creator.
Deseo que todos los pueblos evolucionen su religion para ver que compartimos el mismo Creador.

I hope that the highest ideals of humanity prevail so there will never be a day without the laughter of children.
Mi esperanza es que reinen los mas altos ideales de la humanidad, para nunca tener un dia que carecemos de la dicha de la juventud.

Deseo que tu nunca pierdas tu sentido de encanto en este Universo marravillioso!
I wish that you never lose your sense of enchantment in this wonderful Universe of miracles!

Y que se te cumplan todos tus deseos!

Victor Forsythe

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My breath caught as I read this, Victor---absolutely beautiful!

Thank you so much for posting this!
Expect miracles,

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