Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Do you have a new technology design, economic model, spiritual practice or other Architecture for the New Dawn?

Please discuss your solution, group, or new architecture here in this discussion. Have a plan of action, upload it as a pdf file. I'll even start, attached is our New Dawn Architecture for a free global unencumbered economic system based on the potentials of leveraging Information Age technologies. The system we have designed supports funding of New Dawn/Age Architecture through a unique on-line virtual world fund raiser, to have your design or solution considered for funding please post it at the qualifying site, - or here on Architects of the New Dawn.


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Doing yoga for me brings inner peace which brings outer peace and ripples out to the world.
I'd like help working up a shower design for saving water. I got the idea last summer watering my garden as the smoke from the CA fires filled the valley. Anyone a plumber?
Love, Erin
I've also been scribbling tiny house plans in a notebook. The house I live in is a little less than 1000 sq ft. and makes me think a lot about how well I can live, how comfortably, in the smallest, most efficient space. I've lived in RV's and tiny cottages (500 sq ft) and I've never lost my love of the tree houses I used to build as a kid. I've been heavily influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright and the form follows function, built-in beauty of his designs. Is anyone else exploring the idea of living small?
Love, Erin
PS When I let my imagination run wild and design my fantasy house, it's got a huge kitchen, tons of room for entertaining, a garden big enough for weddings and it looks like a cross from above. I'd been dreaming it up for years without understanding what I was doing, or why I'd be having weddings there except that I love to cater them. The other day I saw the facade on Nat Geo and yelled there's my house! It's a church.
Wow, the Free Digital Universe is jam packed... I'll take more time to explore it. Thanks for the link.

I don't play games, but do listen to my grandson, husband and others talking about them and understand the value they have in terms of creating new concepts for socioeconomic architectures.

Like alot of other people who don't play video games, I worried alot about their impact on young people, until one day my then 10yo grandson announced to me that he figured out that societies prosper and grow better when everybody gets along and creates community, than in the warring systems. I've paid more attention since then to the potential of games as conceptual creative tools... not just distractions and time killers.

Another point: I've noticed that much of what has been called new or new age, is really a renewed respect for old methodologies and practices. I believe we need to embrace/balance both the old and new.


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