Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Please join in .......... to share our creativity in the form of poetry! Share your own / share anothers.

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My spirit want to soar
My wings are growing stronger
In Faith will I let myself step forward
Knowing that who I am and what I am
Is not bound by this earth beneath my feet

Grace has touched my heart
And ignited a spark
That has illuminated
The Wisdom that is She
She is the Gatekeeper
Of the pathway
Through which flows the Divine

It is with Grace and of her Wisdom
That I shall partake
For within the beauty of her movement
Is the act of Faith I make

Taken from the thoughts of the scarab...

The sand is but an underlying meaning today,
in my scampering across the desert,
searching the next meal, whether I be the predator or the prey.

I search the world over for my next lover,
only procreation for the species,
no love or hate, just for being...
I thought this fitting ........ given the name of this site is Architects Of A New Dawn. It is a piece I wrote a few years back

Dawns Light

Oh weary battle torn heart of mine
Just be strong a little longer
The sun is beginning to break
Dawn is singing her song

This new day is fresh
And it's form will be molded
By that which I chose to shape

Let the sun shine brightly
Into all the places
I have hidden away
Let my heart be open
To all the love I hold inside

Open the doors for the darkness
Does not serve me well
Stand face forward into the sun
Let my eyes drink in the light

To Illuminate once more
All the possibilities of me

That was nice.

"What is the meaning of life, Bodhisattva?" asks the squire.

"The knowledge of being is a rhetorical question,
Why do you try and answer?
Why not just be... let experience be your guide?
Why not just be... patient, forget your the dreams of conquest?
Why not just be..." reply from Buddha.
I am in those we fight with
In all of those who fight
Who fight for all the fighting
And in the needless fight...

For those who have been fighting
Whom those who never fight
I'll stay in all the fighting
Until we choose no fight

Survival ain't enlightening
Just build the bridge to light

In feel we are not feeling
In touch we never seen
In all those things that coming
And place we've never seen

We're all the ones we're counting
We're in the unknown sight

In wind that keeps on blowing
In bird who still does sing
Do we know where we're going?
The ones who wrote the song..!
My mind no longer functions in a poetic round,
Dream spent hours that were once found,
Have slipped through the conscious crevice,
And now that they've left us,
A desert cactus survives.
The stars twinkle
Eons away
Ages ago
Chattering curiously
Of what is small.
Nowhere to go.
Always here.
The form changes.
The energy stays the same.

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