Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

RESET THE WORLD that's the change need your response

Let's return to the garden of Eden

fuck the capitalism everyone donate to the poorest

change direction of food

eliminate property

eliminate any illness depression in particular

if we don't change our nature nature will change us!


examples of absurdity of the old world

some people dying for too much nutrition some dying from starvation.

equity: you don't have to pay for your need but for the real cost of society.

you don't have to craete entropy by nuclear or fossils just use the sun






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OH god we are burning with drugs

we are soaked in petrol like frogs

can't you see our good mind in fog

sex has to be the celebration of love

sex has not to be a celebration itself

money economy turn humanity into doom

spend all your money before they are gone

Thank you Doreen for your response.

first of all reset all system of finance and currency. let's spend our money on goods thinking to the ones that need most

help homeless people, reduce earth climate change redirect food to third world countries, bring more culture and education help women in difficulty and weaker people . there so much work to do......

yes I am daily changing your world :o) :o) etc.

the point is only you are to stupid to team with me :o) greetings :o)

I wouldn't call me stupid, rather i would call us irresponsible or better lazy

make me a concrete example of impeccable activism you practice such us forgiveness to harrassers, give hospitality to homeless, practice unconditional love, prefer peace to logical confrontation, valorize virtues and forget/forgive other people's difects, visit persons in psychic disease. 

Re: ~everyone’s~ ~attitude”~ about ~everything~


Because I have pasted this open~letter into this email, much of the text and the ~"alignment"~ of the text will be off. But at my website my ~"book"~ is in the ~"correct format"~.


It is my ~“opinion”~ what I have been ~“given”~ has ~“the power”~ to ~“enlighten”~ and ~“awaken”~ the world!

What could/would it ~“do”~ to ~“everyone’s”~ ~“attitude”~ about ~“everything”~ to see ~“evidence”~ of ~“proof”~ of ~“Love”~ (~“God is love.”~) in the ~“structure”~ of the ~“text”~ of my ~“book”~!?!

~“Feeling”~ ~“led”~ almost ~“compelled”~ to ~“write”~ my ~“book”~ ~”DIVINE 9/11 INTERVENTION”~ (which you can read and download for free at ) like  ~“this”~ I ~“discovered”~ a ~“77”~ ~“alignment”~ of ~“seven...”~'s (MY DOB IS 7/7/48!) ~“hidden”~ in the book of ~“Revelation”~! Do you think ~“this”~ ~“physical evidence”~ of ~“Spiritual Intelligence”~ (i.e.~“God”~) might cause more of ~“us”~ to sit up and take notice of what it ~“truly”~ means to ~“Love thy neighbour as thyself.”~!  ~“Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.”~ Albert Einstein. Also, at watch “The Curtain is Moving Again”. Here is the link: ~”Whoever”~ or ~”Whatever”~ is ~”moving”~ my curtain. It ain’t me!

"There can really be no peace without justice.

There can be no justice without truth.

And there can be no truth,

unless someone rises up to tell you the truth."


In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger.  I do not shrink from this responsibility. I welcome it.

- John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address Jan. 20, 1961

Our goal is to expose the Problem Reaction Solution paradigm, and expose the Bilderbergs, the CFR, WHO, WTO, the PNAC, and the rest of the Globalist Fascists and their New World Order. Globalism is nothing more than a Global Feudal system, where there is no middle class, just the Elite, and us (the Human Resources).

However, we are about to face the Greatest realization in the history of the Evolution: Consciousness and the Ethics are Infinite. Past, Present, and the Future are all Now. We are about to Leap in our Evolution, but we are in a grave danger of allowing a few Elites to gain control over us, to turn us into feudal slaves.

Lets do the right thing, lets allow ourselves to do be all that we can be, by exposing the evil, spreading the truth, so that we can take the Humanity, and not just the ruling elite, to the next level.

I wrote this:

I believe there are very wealthy and very powerful and VERY misguided people on this planet, who are seriously considering using the minimum, number of nuclear devices necessary, to instigate a nuclear winter on this planet, in order to down size the earth’s “surplus” population to a more efficient number. ~fear not~? YES!!! ~God is!~ ~Love!~ Watch the ENDGAME by Alex Jones. Google The Georgia Guidestones Elberton, GA Hwy.

~ 77 ~!  

the message of 911

There is a conspiracy; and the better world they want is a better one for themselves; you have no part in it, unless you happen to be one of ‘them’. Killing thousands in a hoaxed terrorist attack is a prelude to what you can expect at their hands; violence and falsehoods.

~“LOVE!”~ ~“GOD IS!”~ ~“LOVE!”~  

1 Timothy 6:((9-11)) King James

 9But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.

 10For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

 11But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.

1 Corinthians 13:13 New King James

13And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

thank you Arnold for your mighty contribution.

i remark theese statements

Globalist Fascists and their New World Order. Globalism is nothing more than a Global Feudal system, where there is no middle class, just the Elite, and us (the Human Resources).

very wealthy and very powerful and VERY misguided people on this planet, who are seriously considering using the minimum, number of nuclear devices necessary, to instigate a nuclear winter on this planet, in order to down size the earth’s “surplus” population to a more efficient number


you correctly say

"There can really be no peace without justice.

There can be no justice without truth.

And there can be no truth,

unless someone rises up to tell you the truth."


i add other words for love:

love yourself first

don't expect anything

everything will be a gift

love so mighty is part of the miracle

love is mighty*

devotion is mighter*

surrender is mightest*

*by Guru Shry Chinmoy


There should be a society in which each and everyone of us told to the neighbours : "what do you want i would give you it at the lowest price"

"what do you need : i will give you the most durability of the product so to reduce debris"

"what can you do : i will give you the right job"

a pyramid turned upside down





thank you again there would be other many examples

mankind is like an old man at the moment. economic collapse is near: the more the man get wise the less the forces.

durability of consumism has consumed itself............the more economic the less durability........the older the age the less is the power......that's enthropy of life......

there are some situations makes mankind implode ........ but the number of people is increasing.......the pro-capit energy is slowing down the frequency is slowing down........

the man is "too wise" to pretend to generate richness from possession and power .......... the energy is slowing down.......who is taking our energy? the mighter? like an old universe the black hole eats the economic model based on speculation destroys families and enpowers "intelligent" people.


the dual economic model has to do robin hood !   steal and strip a man from his pride then resell it to him !

you'll become reacher (devil)

if energy doesn't remake himself the system collapse ........... nodes equation of current....the 100coulombs entering the 100 coulombs exiting otherwise the node explodes............if we consider mankind is a multiple system of nodes economy at the moment has to give to the poorest to avoid collapsing........too few pigs are eating too many sheeps...........


Doreen A Agostino said:

We are like Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall just before his great fall; and no one will be able to put the pieces [illusions of separation, powerlessness, scarcity] back together again, because evolution is organically unveiling everything hidden [negative human interaction] to preserve life as a new world emerges. 

We require a critical mass of people to awaken consciously now and participate to positively influence a Worldshift. Fukushima is an earthquake or tsunami away from wiping out this tract of humanity yet with higher awareness ‘together’ we can neutralize this and other planetary incoherence. 

It is alleged this Worldshift foretold as 2012 is ready to break wide open. To minimize people being blind-sided please share this link with family, your internet community, friends, and others. Thank you.

yes people love more when in danger or in fear ...... but the love supreme comes from absence of fear and generates wisdom ..... wisdom empowers self esteem that is a more effective force than fear.

earthquake is earthawake(1 step the cild loses control) he tryes to balance strong emotions which give pleasure but also despair....... (2 (being grown means having a shield to face fear but losing also strong good emotions)

this adamantine wall hinders us to partecipate in revolution because everything is planned and scheduled)

our actions are guided by routine and eartquakes interrups routine........for many people life is a combination of concomitant events and this like a shortcut may burn out forces.

a little bit of fear let us become again child....reet or clock but with the wisdom is like to be's a miracle wisdom without prejudice but with not fear , a seem like that one people has the opportunity to do again primary school with a consciousness of an would be greaty ..... fewer defatigation....more deepness and's a kinda reincarnation for ourselves

"We require a critical mass of people to awaken consciously" you truly say to get into the new world the black hole is mighty but stoles energy.....the poorest people suffer.....if we are able to be mighty without filth we will be able to be like shiny starts that irradiates energy indeed.

Hi Doreen i'm fine hope you too.....

i share with you my insight to make architects reflect........

My life hasn't been easy so far .......I find many things so natural and so many others unconfortable.

it means i have no equilibrium.......this is a malediction for me but also a gift.........lately my speech is a little bit affected by tiredness........found a new interesting job (thank my health assistants so much)........and thank Carlos and Richard to give us the opportunity to speak out........I don't have a high talent as him neither my QI is high and well balanced...........i don't want to complain with nature.........fate just gave me the damnation / opportunity to seek the truth first of all. then justice comes second.

this makes me unfocused on my own ego and music and work is the one thing that brings me back to reality.


hey what's the need to change ?  to reset the equalibrium (also rich people indeed especially hasn't)

everyone wants the re-evolution .... time never mother is virgin anymore .......the miracle, without offending other religions, is for Mother Mary being mother and still virgin.......this is an example of miracle......we can't become again child and start the "match of life again"........we are "playing a game" which civilization illudes us we know the rules................that's why we want break the rules.......civilization is too much focused on "tell me what you can do" rather on "tell me who want to be"

civilization is focused too much on "what not to do" rather than "what you can do"


level 1 unconsciousness----------- just work and breed 

intermediate level ------------------meditate and be active

too much consciousness------------risk of not being be concrete


Also fate could be determinant : if parents play "ipnopedia" on a child do the same violence than being absent

but society is dangerous and parents have to do warnings

child's hearth is too weak to bear suiffering but the price of being too much under control is that he can't feel strong a positive feelings......

coherence, balance and quickness in action comes from wisdom and meditation..........but child hasn't got the time to meditate if he has to learn the alfabet yet....................


syncronization is also a keypoint as child needs milk and mother doesn't have he suffers.

this is the mismatch of life:

the things you feel ..... the one you are ...... the one you must be----   that's the conflict which makes us shout the word re-volution..................................Mother (earth ) has enough milk for all but (the distribution of it is unequal and not concomitant with the need)

if we reset hierarchy everyone will be happy but meritocracy will not exist anymore and we would become lazy-


the miracle is an equal and meritocratic which everyone has to drive at the maximum speed without creating accidents to one other.......that's the myracle!!!!!!!

only wisdom can lead us to this be reborn

much warmth i will follow Doreen thanks again

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