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Arnold Joseph White
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  • Smyrna, TN
  • United States
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~ "When the power of Love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." ~ Jimi Hendrix

There is ~“evidence”~ of ~“God”~ in the ~“structure”~ of the ~“text”~ of my ~“book”~ ~“DIVINE 9/11 INTERVENTION”~. It is a TRUE story and it's free at

Dear Neighbour,
Hello ~ my name is Arnold Joseph White and I was born in Nashville, TN on July 7th, 1948, and (as with most people?) from time to time in my life, I have had “experiences” that could have possibly been the ~“Spiritual Realm”~ of ~“God”~ at work in my life ~ or not. I never had an experience that did not have a logical and rational explanation ~ until ~ 1996 or 1997 when I began to experience ~“things”~ that at that time, I concluded they were ~“things”~ I believed were from the ~ “psychic realm” ~ of ~ “psychic phenomena” ~ as ~ “psychic ability” ~ and ~ “psychic power” ~. But then ~ on December 15th, of 2000 ~ I witnessed ~“something”~ that as I tried to come to a rational explanation of what I was witnessing, the first thing that came to my mind ~ was ~ “witchcraft” ~. From that point on ~“these things”~ continued to escalate until early in 2002 when it “finally” dawned on me that what I was being ~“approached”~ by was ~“God”~. ~ “WHY?” ~ was not the first question that came to my mind; ~ “WHAT?” ~ was the first question. What do I do with this ~“Revelation”~ of this ~“Epiphany”~? Were ~“these things”~ for my own personal knowledge and mine alone? Or was I supposed to share with the world that ~ “My God! There actually is a God!” ~? It did not take me long to realize that I was being ~“called”~ to tell my story and share my beliefs about ~“these things”~. ~ So ~ I did.

Many of you ~ if not most of you ~ will have a real problem with much ~ if not most ~ of what ~“God”~ has ~“called”~ me to ~“speak”~. But that is not my problem. My problem has been to find a believable way to tell my story as best I could. And on my birthday 07/07/06 ~“God”~ gave me very strong ~“evidence”~ that ~“He”~ has ~“called”~ me to do what I am doing through an ~“alignment”~ of the ~“seven…”~’s from the book of ~“Revelation”~. It's on pg.’s 30, 31, 40 & 41 of my ~“book”~ ~“Divine 9/11 Intervention”~.

And they are: The ~“seven churches”~, ~“seven Spirits”~, ~“seven golden candlesticks”~, ~“seven candlesticks”~, ~“seven stars”~, ~“seven lamps”~, ~“seven seals”~, ~“seven horns”~, ~“seven eyes”~, ~“seventh seal”~, ~“seven angels”~, ~“seven trumpets”~, ~“seven thunders”~, ~“seventh angel”~, ~“seven thousand”~, ~“seven heads”~, ~“seven crowns”~, ~“seven plagues”~*, *~“seven last plagues”~, ~“seven vials”~*, *~“seven golden vials”~, ~“seven mountains”~, ~“seven kings”~, ~“seven,”~, and ~“seventh, chry…”~.
LOOK! A ~“77”~ of ~“seven”~ ~“aligned”~! Reread “P.S.” on pg. 27!

You can see the correct ~"alignment"~ of these ~"seven..."~'s in an earlier version of my ~ “book”~ in pdf format for free at Or you can buy the latest pdf version for $5 at

Factoring in ALL the ~“events”~ and ~“circumstances”~ that ~“led”~ to the ~“Revelation”~ that this ~“alignment”~ was ~“hidden”~ in the book of ~“Revelation”~. It is ~“statistically impossible”~ for ~“this”~ to be a random, mindless, coincidence! This means this ~“sentence”~ is one of the most important ~“Co”~ written ~“sentences”~ In All Of Human History! These are either ~“the last days”~ of ~“faith, hope, and love”~ or ~ these are ~“the last days”~ of –“doubt, despair and fear and loathing”–. So!
~“choose you this day (~ EVERYDAY ~) whom ye will serve;”~
Joshua 24:15
~ “You must be the change you wish to see in (~ YOURSELF ~) the world.” ~
Mohandas Gandhi
~ “Love is the answer.” ~ ~“God is love.”~
Arnold Joseph White ~“a white”~
Call me? ~“God”~ has. 615-220-1599
~ “God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.” ~
~these things ~ are in the King James Bible ~“7”~ times each.
~“I am the Lord thy God”~ ~“love thy neighbour as thyself.”~
~“the end of the world”~ ~“that which is right”~
~“the last days”~ ~“Jesus is the”~ ~“judge not”~
~“forgiveness”~ ~“message”~ ~“feel”~ and
~“a white”~
~“a prophet”~ is in the King James 53 times in ~“48”~ verses.
Is ~“7/7/48”~ my sign? (Free pdf download of my ~“book”~.) (Barnes & Nobel)

~“Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe.”~
John 4:48

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The Problem ~ Is this a problem or not?

The Problem

I believe there are very wealthy and very powerful and very misguided people on this planet, who are seriously considering using the minimum, number of nuclear devices necessary, to instigate a nuclear winter on this planet, in order to “down size” the earth’s population to a more “efficient” number. ~“fear not”~? YES! ~“God is love.”~ Watch the “ENDGAME” by Alex Jones. Google “The Georgia Guidestones” Elberton, GA Hwy.77!

The Solution

What… Continue

Posted on April 3, 2010 at 6:44pm

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At 9:17pm on September 30, 2009, Marie-Dominique De Lyon-Thierry said…
Hello Arnold,

You have the same birthday as my son, who was born on 7/7/87 at 01:07am & we were in ward 7 in hospital ... God was talking to me too....I was baptized in 1989 (full water immersion) & keep His Sabbath, the 7th day (Saturday) holy as with rest of His 10 Commandments.

Many blessings to you and your family.

Your sister in Christ,
M-D :)
At 5:34pm on August 12, 2009, Richard Lukens said…
Hi Arnold... you have been busy with your page since joining the site... that's great, thank you for your contributions and willingness to jump right into the Architects website...

Best to you and yours,

At 4:37am on August 12, 2009, DUANE LEE PROCTOR said…

Thank you for your friend request. I am proud to meet and get to know you. I drive through your fair town of Smyrna on an almost daily basis, actually residing in Murfreesboro...God BLess and may find your door. Duane Lee


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