Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

What a beautiful expression of the spirit you've been sharing through your music all of these years. Paz.

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I agree ..... Carlos has a Messiah'' quality in him for sure! He touches many many souls!
amen, Paz and ma`at to You
You,ve allowed yoursef,your spirit,your gift to be a light of inspiration to so many
thank you for being a willing vessel ,a conduit which passes on so much to so many.
Hi Carlos...this was a brilliant idea for connecting a huge Spiritual network. We need each other now, more than ever! I've apreciated and embraced your music for years. It makes me want to dance and loosen up to begin creating in my art studio. I just love your gift and how you've touched so many souls! You're beautiful!!!! Donna
As a schoolboy, I liked the Santana logo that some school mates had drawn on their school bags (bizarre but true) so I thought I'd buy a 45rpm single on vinyl to check out what the fuss was all about. My hand fell on Sampa pa ti. From the first few bars, I was hooked. Through all these years since that day, Carlos, you have never disappointed....... Thank you for your constant striving, your tone, your love. Peace!
When the truth is lived it can't be fallowed, it can be loved to fallow the truth.
Carlos, My wish for you is that you truly see and understand just how you, and your music as affected so many people throughout the world. Speaking for myself, I was just seventeen years old when I was thrown in the back of an old milk truck and taken to Woodstock (the REAL ONE!) for an experience that changed my life forever. I "will never" forget when you did Soul Sacrifice and the feeling that came over me. It was true joy and I think the first time in my life when I really just let it all go. I still can see the faces of the people and watching all their troubles leave their bodies and the smiles that came forth. I watch the movie alot and always go over that song a few times just to let it take me back to that place. I still go up to the site and hangout at Yasgur's about 20 times a year. I just can't get enough of that vibe that takes me to such a good place. My band covers some of your tunes and each one gives me a rush everytime I sing one. I will be there for the 40th and I hope your envolved in some way. Thanks for making my life alot Happier! Peace and much LOVE always. Tommy
Dear Carlos,
Thank you for beckoning this intent for all our benefit. I knew in my heart before I found out in my mind "Sorcerers always accomplish what they set out to do." What may we do to thank you?
Love, Erin
Since 35 Years I have a wide range of musical awareness, likes & inspirations - from Allmans to Zappa and whatever there is in the wide field between rock, blues, jazz, opera etc.

But CARLOS, you are the LIGHT and INSPIRATION for my Heart & Soul all the way ... words are not enough for all the contemplation, dancing & loving you gave & give to me!

Thanx & be blessed!
Yes ,like we've all said, mr Carlos Santana,, its time for the world to grow up ,and I believe that this new way ,will be just the perfect way to go,,,may all of us Architects of a New Dawn create and MASTER PEACE
Last time I saw Mr Santana,,He was strolling by lake Leman,in Montreux, Swiss. I told him then, at 3ft away, as i baked in the sun on a wooden bench,,"Hey Carlos,,,Thank you for the PEACE CONCERT,,It's a Great Idea!" he smiled back and said,, "peace should be fun tonight"!!bless you all ,,Thomas G
Thank you Carlos. I wished for art in my life. I wanted to go to Paris, see Notre Dame. I wanted to walk the left bank and peek over shoulders. Thank you for granting my wish and thank you to the architects who built this site.
Love, Erin
Back at the Carousel Ballroom Carlos seemed shy, standing in the center of the group, not in front. We used to say that he only new 14 notes, but MAN! he could play those notes! Carlos had the opportunity to continue with his craft and has continued to advance to this day, always improving. Carlos pulls everyone together. The total is greater than the sum of the individuals!
Thank you Carlos
I have loved your music for years. Now there are just more things about you to love. Cathy

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