Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

for some reason uploads of pictures does not work for me, seems no matter how small the picture is, it just won't load - click on the attached files - that might give an impression :))

with my art i am trying to bring joy as i'm experiencing it onto the canvas - i work with music and it's as close to freeform dancing as i can imagine. although the paintings do have a title, i'm aware that they may provoke different things in folks, that's totally alright with me.

all my work is acrylic on canvas. the sizes vary.

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I saved your images and uploaded them, hope it helps. I really like the energies.

thanks ruth :) i appreciate it
"Galaxy" somehow reminds me of Monet... I think it's the colours used. There's also a hint of Jackson Pollack in there too :o)

I really like "5D". The 'combing' seems to add another dimension.

Now this is just a hunch... call it ESP... but I'm guessing you don't paint in your living room :o)
hi ron, you're guessing correctly, it started in the kitchen with a housepainter's dropcloth spread on the working pretty much moved outside into the back yard as i got bolder :)). one set of curtains are in need of replacement, the rest of the splatters came off easily while they were fresh.

always fun to read different comments as each person "sees" something different in the paintings (as it should be)... 5D also was my favorite for quite a long time, until others came along and manifested themselves.



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