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First Flight: The Yuval Ron Interview

The Yuval Ron Interview from Chris Anderson/Onefeather on Vimeo.

My interview with Grammy winner Yuval Ron discussing Sacred Music and his efforts on behalf of world unification. Insights into the world of Music as a common language.

The opening show for Onefeather Journal on Sunday, February 28th 2010,‭ ‬in association with,‭ ‬OM Times Magazine and Humanity Healing Network,‭ ‬promises to be an engaging evening of it‭! ‬

CoHost Julianne Klopotic,‭ ‬violinist and founder of The Light&Sound Concert Series,‭ ‬brings insight and illumination to this first radio program,‭ ‬a reflection of her many years as a virtuoso performer.‭ ‬Her website is at‭:

My first guest will be Yuval Ron,‭ master of the oud and a brilliant Grammy winning world musician who works globally to unite mankind in peace‭,‭ ‬and we'll be discussing Ancient Sacred Music and Middle Eastern Spirituality.‭ ‬This promises to be an exciting and enlightening dialogue touching on the three Abrahamic traditions as well as current global spiritual awakening...‭ ‬along with the evolution of the shared human experience.‭ ‬Yuval is both a performer as well as educator in Jewish,‭ ‬Islamic‭ (‬Sufi‭)‬,‭ ‬and Christian musical expression that spans‭ ‬3500‭ ‬years and the multiple traditions of all three faiths.

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