Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Join Onefeather and Steve Bhaerman as they dialogue about life in the material world, contemplate all the possible conspiracies that might be directing mankind's future and share a few well placed puns. This is a delightful interview as well as insightful and illuminating... 

About Steve and the Swami:

Swami Beyondananda seeks to move forward what he calls an "up-wising" – waking up and wising up to our true human potential, and engaging millions to participate in the greatest adventure inhuman history: Conscious evolution.
This "evolution" (as described in the book Spontaneous Evolution) is not about the hit-or-miss unfolding of a random universe, but rather the understanding of life as a spiritual, intentional process. It is a holistic and integrative view, and encompasses the beliefs of the traditionally religious, the spiritual but not religious, secular humanists and ethical atheists, and what our friend and co-heart Caroline Casey would call "the compassionate trickster."
The comedy is intended to heal the heart and free the mind, to offer incisive insights into inconvenient truths (and convenient lies), and to do so through the eye of love.
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