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I woke up this morning and sensed the increased energy of so many who are feeling they just can't.. Can't do what they need to do, and as 11/11/11 arrives I feel it is now more important than ever to believe in a new Beginning, and how important right now to dwell in I can.

so I wrote this for all of the wonderful Creators of the world.

Dwell in I can


As the World Becomes filled with

An increased Energy of those that think I can’t,

And as it seems to become harder

to just make it through the day.


Take a moment to dwell in I can.

Come back to the Fresh place of possibilities,

Where you Can believe anew

 in what you Can do.


For now is the time of new Beginnings.

Now is the time of bringing

 a higher reality into Being.


And while there will be times you learn

From what you can not do.

All of those lessons,

Will bring you  to the foundation of I can.


So believe again!

Direct all of your mind set in the confidence,

Of your souls’ power of Being.


Your life is your dream,

Your life is your foundation to bring, with God’s will

A way that you can.

And you Can with God’s Love and Light.

For you are aligned with a power far greater than you know,

And with that divine energy within you,

You will find the miracle of hope and Belief,

when you dwell in I can.


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Nice...Thanks for the is time to manifest...we can and will.

We can indeed.  Thanks for posting this delight. 

We are all part of this amazing unbroken line of love from the Source. When You can, I can, and we can, with

the will to manifest Love...

Craig Davies Metteauer said:

Nice...Thanks for the is time to manifest...we can and will.

Aloha glenna,

Thanks for reading and understanding, there is an unbroken Line of positive energy available to for us to call on, and when we join together in Creating our dream we are sending that brilliant line of love out..and it goes on and on..Blessing us all

Glenna said:

We can indeed.  Thanks for posting this delight. 



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