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This life value, only given,
when by Love it has been driven
to be, to share, to only give
its essence that it needs to live.
It's only when we give away
the hopes, the dreams that have their sway
in nether regions of our soul,
the truth that keeps us safe and whole.
For, when the open, ruptured Heart,
from which all aspirations start,
ceases in its endless search,
for glory on an empty perch
where delusions and illusions live,
and we let go and learn to give,
and finally, we truly are
our glowing, growing, endless Star.

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Phenomenal......your Word Arte is every bit as healing and enlightening as your are a tremendously gifted muiti-genred Artist.....I see why your paintings sell for so much on the world market.....they're actually invaluable to a purist like my self....

I know I will see your work(s) in museums one day.......I see this........

Blessings and best wishes for all days Great One.......


A most beautiful and inspirational poem...Words for all Spiritual Warriors to live by. Now, If I can only get my 16yr. old son to read it! Mahalo from Kauai.



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