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Prem has been talking a lot lately about the vast difference between belief and knowing. What do you think?

"Do you see the divine through somebody else's binoculars, idea, descriptions? I'm not trying to confront you. I want you to think and at the end of that thinking come to the conclusion that you want to KNOW. I'm here to tell you, "IT'S ON! Life is ON!"

You have the divine as your guest. Make the appropriate greeting. Greet the divine every day, every day, every day. And why do all this? So you can go to heaven? If you do greet the divine every day, you will have heaven here on That's why you should do it." Prem Rawat

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Divinity is a blissful grace-filled effulgence of Light, Love, Peace, Omni-present EXPERIENCE to be known from deep within. It is etched within as our original, ontological, evolutionary birthright.
Beyond time, beyond separation, beyond the mind, beyond the body, beyond the desire, beyond the self, beyond linguistics, beyond concepts, beyond form, beyond beliefs, beyond religions, beyond the beyond.
I do this every second of life now. We are the divine and my church is the Univiverse. Namaste
Belief I see as something to move beyond. I resonate with what OSHO said about it: Belief sets up dichotomy. If you believe in something, then you disbelieve something counter to it.
Trusting, presence and knowing/intuiting a truth is what I am practicing, not that I am all that consistent in it: its a quest.
Carlo Ami
I am never consistent either, Carlo, but that's ok with me because I understand it is in my nature to forget. It's lovely just to try in this life. More than worth the effort.



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