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Cierra's Blog – June 2010 Archive (2)

The Divine Matrix : 20 Keys to Concious Creation

Key 1: The Divine Matrix is the container that holds the universe, the bridge between all things, and the mirror that shows us what we have created.

Key 2: Everything in our world is connected to everything else.

Key 3: To tap the force of the universe itself, we must see ourselves as part of the world rather than separate from it.

Key 4: Once something is joined, it is always connected, whether it remains physically linked or not.

Key 5: The act of focusing… Continue

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OM Meditations

Cleansing meditations to help along the journey... to help endure... pray for peace... allow the love... to flow from your heart... re-energize...

Quantum breath : breath in... count to 6... breath out... count to 6... (repeat 10 times or more)

§¤*~'~*¤§¤*~'~*¤§ §¤*~'~*¤§¤*~'~*¤§ §¤*~'~*¤§¤*~'~*¤§ §¤*~'~*¤§¤*~'~*¤§

OM is the sound of all creation

§¤*~'~*¤§¤*~'~*¤§ §¤*~'~*¤§¤*~'~*¤§ §¤*~'~*¤§¤*~'~*¤§ §¤*~'~*¤§¤*~'~*¤§

GAYATRI… Continue

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