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Spring is a time of new growth and of new beginnings. It’s also typically viewed as a time of renewed hope. After surviving the harsh, cold of winter, the arrival of spring, with its gentler climate, pale green buds and tender blossoms, is thought to be a herald of better times to come. This year it seems, however, that some people can’t shake the winter chill.

In my healing practice, I see people who deeply desire change and wish

to… Continue

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LOVE, . . . just because

Love is the essence of your being. It is the sacred ground in which you are rooted. It’s the invisible current of life that flows through you. And, when this vital energy is flowing freely, you enjoy vibrant physical and emotional health, and remember your connection to spirit.

Does it seem strange to think of yourself as love? That may be because, not only is love both a noun and a verb, but, from an early age, you experienced love as conditional. That means it is only given or… Continue

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New Year, New Possibilities!!!

Hello to the AOAND Community!!!

I write a newsletter to inspire and encourage people in the expression of the unique and best essential selves and want to share a small excerpt from my new year's message with you.

". . .Many of us are hoping and praying for change in the year to come on both the collective and personal levels. Yet, fear of change may paralyze us. Afraid of making the “wrong” choice, we stubbornly cling to our habitual life like a dog holding onto its bone.… Continue

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