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Hello to the AOAND Community!!!

I write a newsletter to inspire and encourage people in the expression of the unique and best essential selves and want to share a small excerpt from my new year's message with you.

". . .Many of us are hoping and praying for change in the year to come on both the collective and personal levels. Yet, fear of change may paralyze us. Afraid of making the “wrong” choice, we stubbornly cling to our habitual life like a dog holding onto its bone. Because there is no right or wrong other than to be true to your self, let go of your past, forget about trying to satisfy socially sanctioned standards of so-called perfection, and open up the gift that is you and celebrate it! Be open to the infinite possibilities. . . "

You can read the rest and find details on signing up for the newsletter at

I’m wishing each of you a New Year filled with health, happiness, prosperity and love! Looking forward to the journey and connecting with lots of you!!


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