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Collaborative music project, FREE and EASY!

Hi All!
New project where we can collaborate on music real EASY and FREE! Please check out, share around and be involved in the project!!!

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2019 - New projects, some old links may not work, need singers, etc!

Hello to anyone dropping by here !

I have not signed in here for a good while, much has changed and I have new projects in the works, so some of the old links may not work but if you go to you'll find a project where we can collaborate on songs and videos about life and rights and sustainability and can do that over the…


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Bernie Sanders got us so far and awakened so many.

No one knows what pressures they put on him, so let's thank him and continue the political revolution with Jill Stein of the Green Party! Visit her site please

Read more at my project/blog…


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NEW project website...

Hi All,

In some earlier posts I mentioned other sites, some are still going but if you want to collaborate on music, art, video, film, etc about Peace, Rights, Sustainability and so forth you can contact me through here or the new site

So if you tried to contact me through any old link and got no reply please try this new one.…


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Thank you Mr B.B. King

Just saw that Mr B.B. King has passed from this physical plane on the 14 of May 2015.

Posted this in the group "Blues" on here and thought I ought to have it here on my page:

Many thanks to BB King for the music and also the encouragement and friendliness to his fans. May he rest in Peace.

I met him a number of times after his shows when he would meet and talk with the fans. He was always friendly and patient and didn't appear to have any ego whatsoever. Everyone I ever met that…


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Any female singers want to collaborate on a song?

Hey Peoples! I need a female voice for a song I made, so anyone wanting to collaborate over the net on a song about Peace and Earth please let me know. We can work on the song I have going or a new one or one you started. As long as it's positive then I'm ready.  I don't have that song I mentioned ready to post but if you want to see that I can cover a pretty wide range of music feel free to check out a site I have, as of today there are 31 songs and many are very different from each other.…


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Anyone want to collaborate?

Hi All, I've been busy working on music so haven't been here for a while. I am still open to collaborations if anyone would like to create some music (of any type) that will encourage a Peaceful and Sustainable world. We can make songs or spoken word or whatever over the net, so drop me a line if you'd like to talk about it.

Thanks and Peace,

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Need help to launch a music and art site to help me dedicate myself to positive change...

- I am a musician and artist who wants to dedicate as much of my time as possible to helping this world.

- To do that I plan on building a website to showcase and sell my art and music and through that I will be more self sustainable and consequently I will then be able to dedicate more of my time, energy and money to encouraging Peace, Sustainability, Cooperation, Creativity and being Proactive in fixing the wrongs and building a better way for those here…


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Martin Luther King and us

On this day 46 years ago a person or persons were involved in ending the life of a man who stood for the exact opposite of what was in their minds and hearts.

The person or persons were full of hate. They were full of fear. They were full of a deep need to try to control things.

Martin Luther King stood for everything they did not want. They did not want people (of any color) thinking all people are equal. They did not want people realizing any problem anywhere is a problem for all…


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Songs and videos going to happen, need singers and lyrics writers!

Hey All, I've been talking with some people about the project, some songs and such are going to get going and right now it looks like what we're missing is singers and lyrics writers.

There are still all the other aspects of the project, but if there are any singers or anyone who…


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War is over IF you want it!

War (and all ills of society, the heart and spirit) is over IF

*----------------- IF ------------------*

YOU want it.

"You" means ALL of us.

Please all, enjoy, appreciate and stand for all life.

Let's collectively get our act together.

Anyone wanting to join with me in efforts for Peace through various ways such as music and art and planting trees and…


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The project, what it is and how you can be involved and help!

Hi All!

Click "See More" below or the title right above here to read all of this and see a video I have outlining what is going on!

Lots of new stuff going on with the project(s). A lot of what is going on and in the planning stages isn't live on the sites yet as some of it needs to be looked at to see how it's all going to fit together and figure out the best way to have it online, so keep in mind the site isn't complete.

Any… Continue

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Studio more efficient, join with me on internet collaboration!

Hey All!
Been working on getting the recording setup as efficient as possible, so all I need now are people to collaborate with. More info can be found at

Thanks and Peace,

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Music collaboration project...songs for Earth, Rights, Peace....

Hi All,

I have a project started with the goal being to collaborate over the internet or if you're around Cincinnati Ohio USA then we can record here.

Songs of Peace, Earth, Unity, Sustainability, Harmony, Love and how All Life is connected.

You don't need any experience in writing or singing or playing nor do you need any expensive recording…


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Singers for Peace Needed for Collaboration!!

Singers,Spoken Word Artists and Rappers wanted to collaborate over the net or in person, visit for details and to contact. I also have some songs started you can listen to there…

Thanks and Peace!



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How many countries have our Music for Peace! songs been listened to in? UPDATED from time to time.

The project has a branch called Music for Peace! where we get together (various individuals) and create music with the intention of focusing on Peace within us and  infusing the positive energy of Peace in the music and sending that to the world.

View/listens to Music for Peace! songs as of 17 February 2013

 Well so I just looked at the stats on Youtube where I post the songs from the Saturday…


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What kind of world do you want?

What kind of world do you want?

Will it just happen on it's own?

Or must we ALL be involved?

The song "Closer To The Heart" by the band Rush just about sums it up as far as I'm concerned. Of course it includes all people, I think it's apparent that when they say "men" it was because that flows in the song better than "people" or whatever.

The lyrics go as such...


"And the men who hold high places

Must be the ones who start

To mold a…


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Right Now...

Right now is when you are alive.

Right now is when you have a choice.

Right now you have a choice to live, to be aware, to choose to help, to choose to be part of the solution.

Right now you have a choice to be vocal, to pray, to meditate, to work for Peace, to stand for Peace with Peace.

Right now you are a part of everything and everything is important.

Right now you can choose to help.

Right Now.




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One Minute...

How about everyone that sees this post takes just one minute and sees if there is something negative you carry in you that you can and should set aside and take away any power it has over you or your life.

Anything assumption, a grudge, a memory...anything negative.

Tell it that it no longer is needed or do some sort of purging ceremony or whatever you come up with.

Just one thing.

If we all do that we are that much closer to Inner Peace which leads to being…


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Blue Moon, + Whales Ceremony

Blue Moon 31st August, plus in Australia there is a call for people to do a ceremony for the whales by the water Sat Sept 1st @ 2:00pm (their time, so adjust for your local time). While they are asking people to do a traditional ceremony they ask that anyone be involved so anyone praying or meditating for whales, water, life, Peace, Earth or anything positive will help.

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