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Compassion for the world's bears

The world's eight species of bears are in desperate need of psychic support and healing energy. Six of the eight species are perched on the brink of extinction due to human activities related to habitat loss and illegal trafficking and trade of bears and their body parts.

We burn and clear forests for personal gain. When bears search for food because they can no longer find it in destroyed habitat, we call them nuisances and… Continue

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Bear Bile Tourism in Vietnam

There is a dirty little secret in Vietnam, and it's called Korean Bear Tourism.

ENV, a wildlife watchdog group in Vietnam, has documented busloads of Korean tourists visiting bear farms where they witness a bear bile extraction, taste bear bile wine, and buy products made from bear body parts. The tourists take the illegal products home to Korea at the end of their visit, violating international law.

ENV is working… Continue

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New Law Protects Animals in Bolivia

Uncork the champagne and celebrate a major victory for animals! Bolivia has enacted the world's first law that prohibits the use of animals in circuses. If activists can shut down animal circus acts in Bolivia, a global action network on Ning can shut down bile farming in China and Korea!There's great hope from the precedence this law sets.

A small handful of… Continue

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Tiny Bear Cubs in Loving Care

I love a happy wildlife rescue story! Not all rescues end happily ever after, and even this rescue story that I'm about to post has a tragic note, because the mama bear was killed to poach the baby cubs. The poachers took the twins to an illegal bile farm in Vietman. But the Environmental Police raided the bile farm and rescued the itty bitty cubs. They are now in the custody and care of loving people at Animals Asia. I thought everybody here would like to read this story of… Continue

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Twitter to Save a Life

Earth Day is the best reminder that We Are One with All Earth Beings!

I'm calling on my nature-loving, animal-loving friends to help me spread the word about the Earth Day Bear Sponsorship drive at Ursa Freedom Project. Will you help by sending out Twitter messages to your followers? Here are some Tweet examples that others have sent to help save the Moon Bear:

UFP Earth Day Bear Sponsorship… Continue

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Benefit for the Bears Music Concerts

For 15 years Caesar was locked in a crush cage too small for her large body. Today this is Caesar at the Animals Asia sanctuary. The intention of the Ursa Freedom Project is to liberate 9,000 bears who are still living in crush cages.

Work is underway to organize concerts in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and other cities across the globe to raise awareness and money to liberate the bears from horrid crush cages on bile farms. A… Continue

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A New Dawning

Ursa Freedom Project

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Bear Bile Farming and Why it Must End

Posing as buyers and suppliers in the illegal wildlife trade, eco warriors have taken hidden cameras where some of the most heinous crimes against nature are taking place: on bear bile farms in China. Other Earth saviors have packed unhidden cameras when they've gone on rescue missions to record the conditions of the bears they save and the ones they have to tragically leave behind. These are their photos, their stories, and the history of bear bile farming.…


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