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A More Compact Framework for Attention

While much of the world seems to be descending into further depths of chaos, turmoil and challenge, each of us now has the opportunity of seeing with new eyes. We daily have expanding opportunities to respond to life and all its lessons with Love. We can either make that our choice or we can cling to the old ways, to responses that we have communally seen do not work.

There are many paths to an enlightened way of living. My writings offer one framework via which you might create your own path.

Here is a smaller framework, one you might consider as you move along your path, as you create the path. Consider sharing this small framework with others if you see it as a worthy one.

Focus on the areas below one at a time. Make it a central aspect of what you choose to make important in your waking hours. The steps below do not necessarily come in the exact order presented here. The early ones do often tend to come earlier.

Please do this for a few weeks, a few months, a few years….whatever it takes until you are clear that you have integrated this wisdom as something you intend to joyfully maintain as an aspect of who you are and what it is important to be.

Step: Simplify and Organize

Part of moving into joy is releasing chaos. This means putting things into order in your life, and balancing that with flow in a way that makes it easy to think highly of yourself. Maintain a clean living and working space. Get rid of things and habits that are truly useless or are unproductive for you.

Release the chaos of filling up much of your time with so much that you are living in distraction, denial or overwhelm. Which of these three affect you now and what is in your power to shift that?

Step: Fully honor your body.

That means allowing it wise pleasures and balancing that with a sense of honor of your physical body as a part of all that Is. It means keeping (or getting there and then keeping) your body in a condition that mirrors your intention of honoring all things, including every part of you. Fully honoring your body means that you know when it is wise to not accept into your body things that you know will hurt or deplete it.

One who feeds their body poison will create that their actions and thoughts will reflect that poison to us and to our world.

We are here to learn how to reflect nothing but Love to the whole world, everything it including ourselves.

Step: Meditate more and more frequently for longer times, building to times that feel right for you.

You know the amount of time that works for you. Trust that
knowledge. Recognize the great benefit

to you and your world that comes from the increasingly easy discipline to empty oneself. There is joy in this emptiness. Practicing this brand of joy feeds me and those around me. I know this and appreciate opportunities to practice that knowledge, to remind myself that I own it.

Step: Courageously choose compassion more and more consistently.

See the other as a facet of yourself, and yourself as a facet of the other. Having compassion for yourself is having compassion for others. Having compassion for others is a way of having
compassion for your Self. Every day, you receive opportunities to practice compassion.
Make the loving choice more and more consistently.

Step: Commune as you give your gifts

Share what you know about what is important with as many receptive hearts as you can. Part of this means taking an assessment of
your talents. What has Creator given you in the way of talent that, in the expressing of that talent, brings you joy in expressing it? If you can find a way to make a living doing this, wonderful. If you are in a place where you cannot, then you are challenged to find ways to express this gift---or these gifts---as frequently as possible. In expressing them, you are empowering yourself as you empower, feed, entertain, amuse or truly educate the world. When you give the world something to appreciate, they are appreciating you, the Creator of this product or service or enlightenment or amusement.

Balance the time you spend with those who are spiritually advanced and those who are receptive to unfolding their love more gracefully. Release all attachment to having to convince any particular person of anything. Part of your mission of service is to touch receptive hearts and let those not receptive to live in accordance who they think they are.


I would like to close this newsletter with a singular pause, one I suggest that you carry with you daily for a week, maybe longer, if you choose:

I am always in control of my response to what I see, hear, taste and smell.

I can respond with false power: manipulation or judgment or denial, or I can choose to respond with Love. The more I respond with love, the more the Love of the world grows with me.

All Love,

Carlo Ami

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fit who you are. You create your own
blueprint for excavating your fully loving Self. For most people, that will mean using a hard
copy of the book.

The book is a tool for those courageous enough to go inside themselves to discover the loving power that we all are at depth. Though you may get hints and inspiration, you will never discover yourself by seeking true power, happiness, calm and wisdom
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