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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

For those of us dedicated to sharing our light as effectively as possible, it often appears that very few have any interest in what we want to share.   We can see that many make the clear choice to either distract themselves or simply deny or avoid both loving truth and the gift of challenge.

As we get closer to unfolding our harmonious nature more universally, the old forces of resistance seem to stiffen their resolve to maintain the old.  Ego, as imaginary as it is, seems simply to not want to die.  At the same time, those institutional forces in the so-called "external world"---corrupt governments, religions and corporations/banks---have seemed to be getting more and more desperate to maintain their control of us. 

So I am writing this article to offer a little strategy for lightworkers, as well as somethng to inspire and remind myself of what is important as well.

I see it as key that we more and more trust our internal guidance when deciding how we invest our energy.  While the intent is to be loving and compassionate with everybody, there is a limit to the number of people whom we can touch directly.  Some people clinging to the old ways of greed, hopelessness, control, arrogance, or other unproductive ways of living are affirming a choice to stay stuck.  We get to trust our intuitive sense as to when we give of our energy.  We can bless someone without spending a lot of time with them.  We can intuit when to offer direct help beyond prayer.  We can trust ourselves to know when another is just living out their karma, so we can bless them and leave them to it.

The second thing to remember about sharing our light is to share it beyond the realm of what we call "the good guys."   It serves us to see us as all connected.  This connection includes what some people call "the bad guys," those who place profit above our culture's health and well-being.  Many of our governmental  and religious leadership abuse their followers.  Mass media lies to us.   Some respond with anger, fear, indignation or hopelessness.  As lightworkers, we get to remember that the best response to any situation is the loving response.  Let's love those that some label "the bad guys."  Communally, we have never tried that as a solution.  Maybe it is the only solution!

As firm as the resistance of others may seem to be, this is not the time for us to get discouraged.  It is the time for us to build our courage and our trust. 

As lightworkers, we can also choose more often to be of inspiration and support to other lightworkers.    This year is to be a breakthrough year for our global society and the planet itself.  It is a time to become even more dedicated to sharing our light effectively, wisely.   Please remember to trust yourself.  You know how to do what is in front of you to do.




Carlo Ami


P.S.  One way have been inspired to share my light is to give away the full-length book that took me seven years to complete, "The Wake Up Book".   I am doing this through Wednesday, January 12 only.  Please see:

Your willingness to share this link freely would be appreciated!  I am here to serve.

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