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What You Do


You Know..

That Merging Place/Point where You begin to Feel The Unison In The Moment..

When You Are Aware of The Dance Divine

The Merger/Marriage of Memory

Knowing..the melody, rhythm..Vibration~Tune & Tone~

The Frequency of Realization


to A


At our core
We are good, decent, honest, true, yes divine
We are capable of creating miracles
By offering compassion, forgiveness & mercy
We walk with sentientness
The light in our eyes
The smile in our face
The gentle voice and healing touch
Gives, offers and brings illumination
To one and all
We are the conductors of a symphony called life
We are the architects of a rainbow bridge of love
Our consciousness flow gives birth
to a new exchange of currency
Unprecedented first time ever
New constant rhythm of love and light
Bringing heaven on earth
We call ourselves
Light beams from the divine mind
Of the supreme

by Carlos Santana

When a kind and gentle wind is blown,

and causes the eye to encompass the revelation of tomorrow;

Then the day will dawn in the splendor of a new sun..

A Blue Sun..

that whispers the Balance of evolvement;

Not from the chains that bind you..

but from the limitations of your own self imposed imprisonment;

From a land of learning the duality by reason..

to the enlightenment of the sharing of the Attitude of Peace ~

In Lak'ech Ala K'in

Divinity Reveals in All Things..

..everything has Divinity latent within itself... even unto the smallest beings...
When one's...
Attitude towards EveryThing Becomes Devotion... Divinity unfolds..
and imparts ~


Your Core


"Hear It~Feel It~

~Acknowledge It~



This Is~The River~~



* Push off..into..the middle of The River~~~

Center..Your Being In ~The River~

But First..You Must..~Let Go~

(This..Illusion, density, vibration..Frequency.)

And...yeah but..don't do it..

you can't..yeah but..&..Let Go.

Light beams from the divine mind
Of the supreme..

We Are~Blessed~To~Be~Here~@~This Moment~

We Are Spirits~Dancing~
in the flesh..

what matter..what


are going


Are We Perfect ?

don't know about You..but..i claim..No Perfection

(some days i'm 97..some days..i'm 79:)

~The River~

Is our..

Guidance System ~~~



Our Core




(Homing Signal)

and more so...




To Accomplish Your


the shore..a blur..of what is..adhered to it...


~The River~

Is~Flowing~Running~With~The New Vibration...Flow~Frequency~


~The Center~




Ever...inner tubed ?

Rode..the River ~; your attention...Is..In The Moment

What's going on..there..right~Now

What's to the future...?'s around the bend...somewhere..

Who Knows..what







Divine Mission

Divine Purpose

Divinely Inspired & Imparted


For & In




Divinity unfolds..The Revelation
and imparts ~

A New Day Dawns

A New Awakening

To such levels of destiny, that we ourselves are now enabled to find the life thread of Truth;

That lies between the expanse from here & now, to common callings emitted from the stars;

Come forth to us, that we may see together the quiet solitude of our existence, and;

Find within it such wonders that our hearts are enabled to sing in one voice, a new song;

A song that is meant for us to sing, a liberation that does accept that All in their equality;

Will look inside themselves and see reflected there, a spark of All that is eternal;

And in the ecstasy of realization, will know with All infinity, that

We Are One.

May We All Ways In Oneness Find The Similarity In Our Souls..



Divine identification
Is the new foundation
For living with light and love
To hold on to the feeling
With clarity of knowing
That we are;
The Holy Spirit
State of grace
The light
The truth

And the way.
Because Christ consciousness
Lives and is in everyone
We are made in the likeness of the supreme
May we arrive at remembering
That illumination is not a condition or place
But a surrendering, discarding
And stop investing emotionally on the illusion
Of distance and separation
From our effulgent core
We are the light
See the path, walk the path, become the path
Light and love is the flow of grace our lungs breathe

In Lak'ech Ala K'in 

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Comment by jb on May 28, 2013 at 7:10pm

"The universe is always speaking to us... Sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipity's, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more."
Nancy Thayer
In Lak'ech Ala K'in


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