Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Hi Folks, Brothers, Sisters and GreatSouls outside/inside there ... (mostly overseas :)

I'm so glad to be a Member of this wonderful Community since a few days and i got involved here through the Vibes and Hints of Carlos - who is, beside Dylan's Bob, one of my my Heros.

In the Mood of this Evening i want to encourage you all to go on contibuting your Soul, Power & Spirit for a better world! ...and i become humble more & more as a Christian by recognicing this Richness of God's Rainbow.

I try to contribut for myself day to day as a protestant Pastor here in Germany in my parish work ... And I do it as a liberal, öcumenical. religios-dialogued & social-concerned Member of the Body of Christ, wo is so multi-dimensional in God's Grace :-)))

Please read Matthew 25, 31-40 ... thats it all you Freebeliebers or Confessionells

And who of you knows the Sojourners-Community???

Thanx, Thomas (sorry for language-barriers)

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