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Hi all you brothers & sisters

Yesterday I walked through the door of AOAND --- inspirated through my Love & Inspiration C.S. :-)

I'm deeply longing for more and need some help in dealing with this overwhelming side (language barriers of understanding, technique, connections ...)

But here I am: A 50 year old fellow, married, two Daughters (16 & 25) and a protestant Pastor (liberal, öcumenical, near to Tillich & Bonhoeffer, a little bit Zen-proofed :-) & a Music-Maniac from Dylan to Zappa .. located near the Church of the "Barmer Theological Declaration" (please google) ... In April 02 I went to NYC, in June 03 I went with two African Brother/Sister to Indonesia/Sumatra ... and now we are looking for our (younger) Daughter to go to the USA in ´summer for one Year High School ... (Any Idea or Help to be in good Comfort?) ... This I stumble in my first footsteps here :)

This Website is so great and I have the feeling, there will be some great connections ...

Thanks & Blessings

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