Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

may my conscience be always here

existing among you without fears

decades passed since i realized i am special

would i have met a pure soul my purity would have multiplied

but the world is rather full of blind greed people to be consoled

for everyone who loves me there must be a bounch of people to be loved from me.

who provides us care attention permits us to take care on unlucky ones.....a world where property is only one way to avoid confusion and to permit us to collect only what we really need.

beware by ones who say you're enough to them, also the end of the world would be enough for us to disappear.

beware by ones who say you've just to devour food, grow our own grass to feel good and alive.  live making live , live love, love living, every second of your life be full with infinity power . a full infinity for a null gravity. kindness lets fly high our hearts.

who aches and harrass us has the poverty the guilty poverty to forget we are all sons of the same wave of love.....disalignment is the chose to be not with someone else. 

for every hearth betrayed there is a path to violence opened but also a one for redemption of both the victim and the aggressor.

the signs of violence are clear but not a shame for the bearer and the victim, be the shame on the aggressor looking at the victim's face.  it's justice at the contrary, the birth of evil and malignity developes on the contrary on a repeated error always even more and more gigantic .....let's do the contrary.....each violence let be transformed in an occasion for redemption.....

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