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she melts only with whom it's worth and of convenience for her to do it if i would be high someone of them lower would look for me and long for me. if i were good looking i would be safe cause any go…

she melts only with whom it's worth and of convenience for her to do it

if i would be high someone of them lower would look for me and long for me.

if i were good looking i would be safe cause any good action from mine would be highly Worth and rated. i would have free tickets to show my qualities.

if i had sense of humor they would think i'am lucky and confident in myself.

if i had much money or success i wouldn't be able if she had been looking for me or for my…


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always here

may my conscience be always here

existing among you without fears

decades passed since i realized i am special

would i have met a pure soul my purity would have multiplied

but the world is rather full of blind greed people to be consoled

for everyone who loves me there must be a bounch of people to be loved from me.

who provides us care attention permits us to take care on unlucky ones.....a world where property is only one way to avoid confusion and…


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the society...loud voice reflections

We are born into diversity. we are grown to uniformate and be globalized. the child is afraid to go to school mainly for this reason. we reach a lille individualism climax at around 18 years of life...then we restart the uniformation depersonalization process.

we barely know what means being real friend or real lovers but we start messing around with sex at an early age.

sex is a mental game as in its dynamic there are such a few things to learn but it's linking to attraction…


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a wise man prayer by lorenzo abbiati

You remember when you started something for your own pleasure, now you do it for her. It's not what you do, how well you Will do it, it's about how much she evaluates the things you have done could be liked by other people, these are evil ways which are disguised inside cosensum and surviving instinct.

The starting and the end of one's man life is a gap as large as the difference between extreme goodness and the worst cruelty, this gap is like a double reality.

As we write with…


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a midspring mantra

imagine you could win the fear, the time, the sweetest girl, you become the master of your friend, and it isn't enough. Your life is more worthy than a competition, a goal , a single success.

I Believe in doors closed, an heal in disguise, i can say stop to excess, but never to grace . Never give up, sink for a large dip in society but take the time to breath as well.

Never lay on Your success but take simply the time to repose, stop in seeking more and more success, only…


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the perfection of imperfection

She's not for all

she's only for me

This prayer let it be

The pure perfection

Is pure simmetry

Something is not for me

You are shape shifter

Your truth is too much for me

You know that much you can be

For few but good it is you

That you may not use your spell

To deliver us to hell

For My inspiration bell

You are an edge of My Landing strip

Your light guides me for Landing safety

I Will…


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it's not the end until the end comes

Not finding inspired words

I just won't do a game no more

Always something to say it's not a way

I learn from love, grow through hate

Let's come back to a time when My hearth was mine

Always running, through our main concern should be unfolding

the truth which is in disguise, i heard people crying

None is lost forever as the innocent ones

If you can rise your hands please give an end

to those games of power which only kill one…


Added by Lorenzo Abbiati on November 13, 2015 at 5:15pm — 1 Comment

we did it wrong

When you condanned him you did it wrong

When you forgave him you did it wrong

When you chose between them and him

When you chose between excess or sleep

When you chose to be Someone else

Not just being in pride with yourself

I don't tell my life is Paradise and yours is hell

You live well with your tears of love rather than love to tears

i know i can't conquer you they are too strong

I am alone they are out of their…


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the surprise of love

from a distant corner

your ideas need order

you passed there million times

of her you didn't realize

you feel disoriented

but in her face the answer is tender

tremendously simple but cares to herself

the fashination of natural beauty

to conquer her hearth is my duty

conquer not to despise or just to hook

but for making a promise of eternal love

only not to hurt her i am in concern

fidelity no gealosy but the…


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blessings that i rarerly sin

blessings i am few criminal much victim

blessings i have seen the filth and broke the chain of evil

blessings none sees me...blessings noone believes me

blessings having lost with words but having won with facts

blessings i have nothing to care but my soul

blessings i have nothing to heal but my health

blessings that through my healing you'll be blessed

blessings that i saw parent's broken hearth to see the…


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101 post: The cosmic tribulation

Hard times cause people have no faith People don’t take the time to consider Innovation like a way to improve their status

Much money circulating on few people Speculation kills innovation. View, ideals and mission are sacrificed in the name of “business” We are growing in number, BUT our blanket is getting shorter

we are on the same bed decreasing and fight to each other “happily”

Definitely we are fighting against ourselves; only like minded people have courage to face…


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unveil the unreleased

now listen i will die to be roborn

none asked Jesus to carry the world upon his shoulders

he was put under conditioned falsity and he was obliged

to follow his cruel destiny but he was asked to heal the world 

who had condamned him before.

Added by Lorenzo Abbiati on November 23, 2014 at 6:17am — 1 Comment

strange normally.......................2 principles.............

it is well known that succes doesn't arrive at once

in the first instant of Birth you become to experience life and the first  impressions are the last to fly away from you.

the pyramid of perception:



     -------------  PARTICULAR EVENTS

-------------------- NORMAL ROUTINE

particular moments are indelibly stamped into you ,lndeed…


Added by Lorenzo Abbiati on November 12, 2014 at 11:30pm — 1 Comment

the final separation

we'll be separated even into ones who want to save the world and those who won't.

to save the circus we have to feed animals in it or let them end suffering by closing it.

we'll be divided in those who want to die with the world and those who want to reinvent a new one.

we wonì't know where to go but we'll continue digging.

we'll be willing to know the truth but we'll be afraid of it.

In the final separation we'll be willing to returnback to origins



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changing life without dying (quitted my presence to change drastically my life) a video will follow

it's and hard and challenging path to be different from mass people

but being creative gives satisfaction and brings diversity.


one of the critics moved to Lorenzo is that he always starts from scratch.

on the other side society IS PACKED with pre-constructed solution.

preconstructed solutions hide economical interest and speculation.

the markets create ready to use solutions and this fact…


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a true artist goes beyond.....................

..........a beautiful record, a fantastic concert, beautiful years.



true friend is the one who says : "you can do better".....

in life there's no false start , no second chance no better circumstance. than living fully your everyday life , day by day.




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all of a sudden

you realize

Added by Lorenzo Abbiati on July 26, 2014 at 4:34am — 3 Comments

I am not asking

if you need help....shout....if you're worth, people will help you...

the wave of appreciation is constructed above talent which go bejond special relantionships and personal simpathy....

we're too much here ........ we need your presence near

have lived in fear.....hate who enjoys of his nullity.....

through inaction could be an answer to vorticous compulsive movements of society, I decided to work in spite of receiving a sustain pension.....i decided to face my…


Added by Lorenzo Abbiati on July 13, 2014 at 9:33am — 1 Comment


once you have the technicality you begin to be interactive with the observe the magic to gather people....heal are happy to make people happy...

we are animals....vocals are the primal can use partially pitch (not like other instruments) you can barely use speed control (otherwise it becomes sedative or brings anxiety)

entertain doesn't mean to show the entire vocal extension but interact with the crowd.

high notes inspire…


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stop eating meat bring a smile and adrenaline to ill people

I have this message for you all.

I am under a great wave of change....

in the diet vegetables and fruit.....

no violence to harm to ourselves' health

starting to sing and bring music for ill people...

Added by Lorenzo Abbiati on July 6, 2014 at 12:05pm — No Comments


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