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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

who are you to feel enough powerful, you won your battle now you speak peace.....i will play the part of the black sheep of the ugly dove to let cry the few ones who likes me....i am always me....i would feed no sheep will play revolution only for me.God, got to thank you for gift you gave me, i will listen to their speech but i won't fall into their spell, nothing end none will change my mind because i khnow what means crying, i will follow my falling star , continue in pursuing the impossible which is impossible for other's egoism not for mine, blessed am i cause none suffers for me i don't want, because theirs is not love it's only is affection, they think to have the truth . the truth is for mine and only for me . please God keep me away from fire of love passion which destroys everything, let me be mine also if i would arrive to success, let my sex be free from love and love free from sex, i will look into infinite what i will never be able to get to, please keep me away from ones who wouldn't set me free, my garden is sacred but humanity is mghter, prejudice can continue but it isn't judgement, please let me be free from likes and personal aporeciation, woman can be passive to love in exchange of certain secure and safe things a man can give her,but hope society will give privilege to other aspects like appearance, please let the society remain enough corrupted to not understand me, i will reach the stars in loneliness rather than being in good company in hell, please don't let me taste feminine feedback cause i would't be able to tell them no. please.

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